June 12, 2017

Summer Schedule & School Activities

Today is our first official day of summer. Kyla is home from school and Kase starts his new, summer therapy schedule. It will take some getting used to with him being at two different clinics at different times every day. We won't have a daily schedule at home since the girls and I will spend a lot of time coming and going to take Kase. But there are things that I want to make sure we do every day.

I made this super simple chore chart for Kyla. It's all things that she can do independently and it will give her some responsibility this summer. I put it in a plastic sleeve so she can check things off with a dry erase marker and erase it all at the end of the week.

I also made this reading challenge for her. When she reads 100 (different) books, we are going to go to a water park. This includes books she reads independently and books that we read to her. We are going to go to the public library once a week too so she can get some different books and they have fun activities going on through the summer too.

She was going to color in the boxes as she reads a book, but she decided to cover the numbers up with a sticker instead. She loves stickers like her mama! :)

I also got this workbook for her from Amazon, which she's really excited about. She loves this kind of stuff! When she's bored and looking for something to do she can pull this out and do a page or two.

We picked up this little notebook to use as our summer journal. She loves writing and I know she'll love writing little notes back and forth to each other.

So far she's really excited about these little school activities. I'll check back in a month and see if that excitement wore off. :)

I just think it's important for her to have responsibilities, but also to have some kind of structure in our days. I will still let her have iPad time, but making these types of things a normal part of our day will make her less bored and ask for the iPad less.

In a couple weeks she will start a couple summer school classes. She didn't need to take them, but I thought it would be good for her to get out of the house a little bit and meet some new friends. I picked a reading one and I let her choose one - she chose a cooking class.

Together we made a list of things we want to do this summer. Children's museum, zoo, fireworks, swimming, splash pad, parade, farm, etc. She also started softball and will have that one night a week this summer. She has her first game tomorrow night!

Kase will be in therapy five days a week so I don't have any school related activities planned for him. He does so much while he's there and they always tell me that he works really hard there so we should make sure home is relaxed and fun.

I will do things with Kenley to work on shapes, ABC's, counting, etc. She knows most of the colors and some shapes. With her I do a lot of reading books and puzzles, but we do most of her learning through play and just talking about what everything is. And honestly, I think she will just learn so much this summer having Kyla home with us.

I'm sure this summer is going to fly by and before I know it Kyla will be off to 1st grade and Kase will be heading to 4K. Yikes.

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  1. I got an idea to do a similar checklist for my daughter from an ex-blogger who is primarily on snapchat now. It's needed during the summer otherwise she'd be glued to the iPad/TV all day!!!