June 16, 2017

Some Disappointing News

We got some news this week and although we knew it was a possibility, we were holding out hope that it would all work out. Unfortunately, the school district that Kyla is in denied Kase through the open enrollment process.

In case you're not familiar with open enrollment in public education, in Wisconsin you can apply for your kids to attend a school district other than the one you live in. We had no issues with getting Kyla accepted. But since Kase will need special education services, it's a trickier situation. We were told that as long as he will require speech and occupational therapy, they cannot accept him. They just don't have the space for him in those programs.

All of that leaves us with a few options. One option that probably seems like a simple solution for some people is to stay here and send the kids to the district we live in. We're obviously not going to have our kids go to two different school districts. Based on our experiences in dealing with them in the past with Kase, plus the knowledge I have as a teacher, plus talking to other families in the district, keeping the kids in this district that we live in is not an option we're willing to settle for. We are going to do what is best for our kids and staying here is not what's best for them.

So...we have to move.

We are very, very bummed about this. When we bought this house in 2014 we were aware of the school situation, but were confident that we'd have no problems getting into the other district close to us. At that time we had no idea that one of our kids would have special needs and be denied.

We fell in love with this house the moment we walked in and put an offer on it in the driveway as we were leaving the showing. We planned on raising our kids here. We have over two acres of yard for the kids to play in. We bought a large play set. We have had a basketball hoop installed. We planned on being in this house for a long, long time. So this news has hit us pretty hard.

We're still trying to figure out our plan as far as when to put our house up for sale. We will more than likely need to rent something for awhile so we're expecting to go from a 3,100 square foot house with 5 bedrooms to an apartment with 1,500 square feet and 3 bedrooms. We've started packing, purging and even started selling some things. It's a huge bummer to know that we can't take everything with us, especially things that the kids love.

That's all I'm going to say for now because I really just don't know what's going to happen and when. All I do know at this point is that we will be moving. It may or may not be in time for Kase to start 4K this fall. We have a meeting with his therapy team next week to discuss a plan if he doesn't go to 4K.

Kyla's taking the news pretty hard too. She has obviously seen us packing and has asked questions. We have been honest with her. All we can do is remind her how much we love them and that it does not matter where we live as long as we're together.

That's what I keep trying to tell myself too, but every box I pack it seems to get a little bit harder. We moved a lot when I was young because my mom was a single mom raising three kids and always did what was best for us. I've always dreamed of giving my kids a forever home and I really thought this was it.

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  1. Such a bummer!! My district allows open enrollment students with ieps even when I think it's more than they can handle. We are getting a super high needs student with autism this fall who's nonverbal and aggressive. The superindentendemt says yes to everyone!