June 2, 2017

May Favorites

Some of my favorite blog posts and YouTube videos are ones where people share their favorite things. For the most part, I am not loyal to one certain brand or product so I enjoy seeing what other people are loving so I can try new things.

Here is my random collection of things I've been loving the last month.

Magic Treehouse books - Kyla and I have been enjoying reading these together. We got the first 28 books in the series through her scholastic book orders at school and we're on the third one currently. They're chapter books, but quick reads and she can read quite a bit herself. We love them!
Sand volleyball - Tyler and I are playing again this summer, which I'm really excited about. It started a few weeks ago. We have a couple people that we trust to watch the kids and my mom will help out too. By the time we drive there, play, and drive home, it will be two hours every Wednesday night for the summer. We used to play every summer when we were dating and married before kids. It's something we really enjoy doing together with friends.

Rimmel BB Cream - I love how light this stuff feels, but it's the perfect amount of coverage for just every day use. Plus it has sunscreen, which I love! I think I'm on my third tube of this.

The Bachelorette - I was really excited about Rachel's season, but the first two episodes have been pretty underwhelming. I read all the spoilers so I know what's going to happen, but I still love to watch!

YouTube - I've talked a few times on here about my love for YouTube so I thought with these monthly posts I would share a couple of my favorite channels. I watch these while I'm folding laundry, on the treadmill, in the bathtub, etc.

The Lettered Classroom - Bridget was a Kindergarten teacher in Alabama, but this year moved to Pennsylvania to teach 4th grade. Even though I'm not currently teaching, I love watching her videos. She helps me feel like I'm somewhat up to date with what's going on in schools.

Michelle Pearson - She was one of the first channels I followed and I love her. She's a stay at home mom in Utah and has 5 kids. She just recently had twins! She's just so real and honest and I can relate to her in so many ways.

Hayley Paige - Another stay at home mom, but her and her husband live in LA. I can't remember how I found her channel, but she's now one of my favorites!

I follow several others, but thought I'd just start with a couple.

Summer shoes - I get these every year for the kids. They're easy for them to slip on, they can be rinsed off easily and best of all, they're cheap! I usually get navy or gray for Kase, but they only had red in his size. His and Kenley's are from Old Navy and with a coupon I usually get them for around $10. They didn't have Kyla's size this year so hers are the Native brand from Nordstrom. They're more expensive, but she loves them and will definitely get tons of use out of them.

Target beauty box - This is the third month I've ordered it. It's only $10 and you get 8-10 sample size (some larger) products. I love trying new products and I also love getting packages. :) I'm not a face mask person, but I was excited to get a couple to try out. June's box is only $7 and still available to order. They also have a father's day box this month!
This was what was in May's box.
eBay selling - I've mentioned this before too, but now that the wedding is over and life is a little less crazy, I took the time to list some more stuff for sale. If you have stuff around your house that you want to get rid of and it has some decent value, sell it on eBay! It's easy and you get way more money than you would at a garage sale. I'm happy to answer your questions if you are interested but not sure what to do!

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