May 16, 2017

Life Lately

It's been almost two weeks since my last post and ironically, that post was about how I'm handling my anxiety. Now here I am in some kind of funk. I hate taking blog breaks, but I just didn't have anything worth posting.

Please forgive me as today is just going to be a completely random life update with no order to it whatsoever.

Let's start with Mother's Day because I feel like there's some blogger rule that you have to share about your Mother's Day. Mine was low key and pretty much like any other Sunday. While I was getting Kase dressed in the morning he said, "No school today? I stay home?" It kind of broke my heart, but I was really happy I could tell him yes, you get to stay home with mommy and daddy today. He loves his "school" and his therapists, but the sweet boy needed a day off. I can't blame him! Kyla and I went out and did some shopping, which was really nice. After dinner we all hopped in the van and went out for some ice cream. It was the first time Kenley got her own ice cream and not just a bite of her brother or sister's so she thought she was pretty cool. And in true #bloggerfail fashion, I didn't take a picture of this momentous occasion.

Although I'm not proud to admit it, it was one of those weekends where I felt really, really sad. I was wishing we could do something, go somewhere, get a family picture like everyone else in social media world. Don't get me wrong, we could have done something or gone somewhere. But it would have been really hard. And a hard, stressful time wasn't really what I was hoping for. Remember how I told you once in awhile that jealousy comes creeping back? Yeah, that happened.

Like I said, I'm not proud of having those feelings, but it's reality. We all have bad days, right? I've snapped out of it and am having a great week so far!

Yesterday the weather was beautiful and Kenley and I had so much fun together. It was another reminder of how lucky I am to be home with her every day.

Let's see, what else is going on...

We are (not so) patiently waiting to hear if Kase gets accepted into the school district that Kyla is in. We should find out in a couple weeks. I really hope it's just an easy "yes" because if not, we're in for some big decisions.

Kyla and I leave next week for my cousin's wedding in Colorado. I've been busy getting everything ready and making way too many to-do lists. Tyler will be staying home with Kase and Kenley. It was going to be way too stressful (and expensive) for us all to go. I'm the matron of honor and Kyla is a flower girl. I want to be able to focus on my cousin and being there for her, which means I wouldn't be much help to Tyler with the kids. Plus Kase would miss several days of therapy, which would have had a big impact on his awesome progress lately. We all agreed that this was best. Plus they're having a reception back here in September so we can all go to that.

Speaking of Kase and his progress, he is doing so well right now. Transitions in and out of both clinics are going well, he's cruising through different programs they are working on with him, he's compliant, interacting with peers (although this continues to be one of his biggest weaknesses), and doing great with his feeding program. His team has been digging deeper into his feeding issues and found that he's definitely lacking some oral skills that kids have at this age. He doesn't know how to move food around in his mouth correctly. Also, he has some real sensory issues with certain foods and textures. It's been hard to know what is attention seeking and what is truly hard for him. It's nice to get some professional advice and have a plan on how we can help him.

Some new foods that he's eating - grapes, strawberries, pretzels, goldfish, yogurt & applesauce in cups with a spoon (he used to only eat them out of the pouches), string cheese, chicken nuggets, toast, apples, fruit snacks, graham crackers. All of these things he would not touch a couple weeks ago. He's doing awesome at the clinic so now we are working on getting him to eat these foods at home too. He thinks at home he can still always have his pop tarts and chips. We will give him a choice of two things that we know he's been eating at therapy and he will choose one. We don't deprive him of pop tarts and chips, but he doesn't get them for every meal/snack like he would prefer. We document everything, like they do at therapy, so we can start to see which items are preferred. Eventually we will be able to tell what things he doesn't like because it's okay to not like foods. This week they are starting carrots, summer sausage, hot dogs and waffles. Yesterday he did awesome. Tyler picked him up at the end of the day and he said Kase's therapist was so excited to share how he did. For lunch he ate a whole piece of toast with butter, applesauce in a cup (he's had a hard time using a spoon, but is doing great with it!), grapes and chips. During the actual feeding therapy he ate 6 bites of string cheese, 8 bites of carrots, 1 whole chicken nugget and 2 bites of the sausage. She said he seemed to really like the carrots. Yay!

We're trying to get a few things in different food groups, but keeping them pretty kid friendly. He has a hard time when foods have different textures. For example, he has had some oranges, but they noticed that he had a really hard time with the chewy stuff, the stringy stuff and the juice that all come with one bite of an orange. He also has a hard time with apple slices that have the skin on them. He will chew the skin for several minutes and just not know what to do with it. All of this just takes more practice and therapy, but for now, they want to focus on foods that, for the most part, just have one texture and taste.

Kyla only has a couple weeks left of school. She is sad because she LOVES her teacher, but she's excited for summer and I'm excited to have her home! Kenley is going to love having her here every day too! She is starting softball soon and has a volleyball camp with the Badgers in a couple weeks. She's also doing two summer school classes for a couple weeks, just for fun. I'm sure the summer is going to fly by and soon we will have a 1st grader!

Kenley continues to make us laugh on a daily basis. She reminds me so much of Kyla when she was this age. So sweet, but so much sass and a little temper for good measure. She's still a great eater. She loves to sing in the van and knows way too many words to the Trolls songs. She knows her basic colors and is starting to sing her abc's a little bit. She still loves to color and take baths. I'm excited to see how she will like Uncle Mark's pool this summer.

This ended up being way longer than I anticipated so thanks for reading until the end. We're supposed to have a high of 86 today so we're going to get outside this morning before it gets too hot!

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