April 27, 2017

Speech & Occupational Therapy Progress

To answer a question I got on my Facebook page, Kase goes to his ABA clinic every day (Monday through Friday) and a different clinic for speech and occupational therapy on Wednesday's and Saturday's.

I think the last time I talked about speech and OT was this post when Kase was having a hard time with transitions out of the clinic. After that happened, his lead therapist from his ABA clinic came and met me at the other clinic to observe and help with the pick up. The same thing happened that day where he tried running out the front door. Thankfully she was there and stopped him and then helped him out to the van. After that day, I talked to his occupational therapist about what we do at the other clinic and we developed a plan.

Before, she would stand there and tell me about his session and those few minutes were just too much for him. They are working on teaching him how to wait, but he's just not there yet and it's not something we should be expecting of him right now. So when I go in to pick him up, his therapist is holding his hand as they greet me, I grab his other hand and we all walk out together (exactly what we do at his ABA clinic). He doesn't have a chance to run away or fall down and he knows what's expected of him. I'm very thankful that she was willing to do this. It has made a huge difference in the last few weeks. Instead of them telling me then how his session went, they email Tyler and I after his sessions on Wednesday's and Saturday's. With his behavior before, I couldn't even focus on what they were telling me so this is a million times better. I'm very happy they have been so flexible and accommodating.

Besides the improvements with the transitions, he's doing much better during the sessions as well. I wanted to share the email we got yesterday from his team. I copied and pasted it, just removed their names. It kind of gives you a sense of what they work on and what challenges they've had in the past.

Hi Amy and Tyler,

Kase had a FANTASTIC day with both K and I! 

Here's K's notes on her session: 
"Kase had a great speech session today! We started in the sensory space for 10 minutes. I kept foreshadowing that when the timer went off, we would put our shoes on and go to a new room for a game. Right when the timer went off, Kase went to put his shoes on! We transitioned to a room with a table (with Kase initially falling on the floor) but he was able to try again and walk back to the door and then to the table without falling the second try. Kase then sat at the table for 15 minutes playing the game Zingo. We targeted matching, yes/no questions ("Did you get a tiger?"), increased language by saying various statements (" I got a _____," "I see a ______," "The ______ goes on top"), and targeted prepositions such as on top, next to, above, under/below."

In OT, Kase transitioned into the bathroom and completed the entire bathroom routine (from toileting to hand washing to transitioning back to the treatment space) without falling on the floor and with only a few verbal cues for what was next! He did a great job taking turns with me on a swing. I used "first...then" language with him a lot today, which he seems to be understanding and following through with more and more. For example, I would say "First push me 2 times, then it's your turn." He followed those directions without crying or eloping to a different activity 4/5 times we did this. He also was showing increasing willingness to participate in fine motor activities and games today. We played one familiar game and with one new toy. Kase did a great job of following my instructions to form a pincer grasp (holding a small object between his thumb and index finger) during the game. I'll have a hand out for you on Saturday with some "heavy work" activities for Kase to try at home to get out some of that energy and receive the input his body needs!

Overall K and I have noticed less climbing on undesirable items, an increase in Kase's ability and willingness to follow directions, and willingness to engage in new games with less tearfulness and resistance! His transitions within the clinic space have gotten easier, less falling and more following us instead of running to another space. We've seen improvements in following "first...then..." directions and willingness to engage in adult lead activities. K and I are having a blast working with Kase and your family and feel encouraged by the progress that we have seen!

You have no idea how awesome it feels to read emails like these. I'm so, SO proud of him!

AND a smile for the camera? I am one lucky Mama! :)

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  1. That is SO wonderful that they were able to be so accommodating and that your lead ABA therapist was able to help so much. It's amazing what can happen when they all work together in the best interest of the child. The new plan that they have seems to be going so well and is a big improvement over a situation you explained a couple weeks ago. I wish our therapists would do something similar. I feel like I ask how the day went and they just say it was good, nothing nearly as detailed! I love the email approach because you can also go back and check and re-read if you ever want to compare say what happened to one day compared to a day a couple weeks back.