April 17, 2017

My Current Planner Setup

Let me start by saying I realize phones nowadays have a calendar and are fully capable of keeping my life organized. That just doesn't work for me. I keep my planner open on my desk (or sometimes on our kitchen counter) at all times and look at it several times a day. I'm a paper and pen girl for life!

I started out the year using my Plum Paper planner. I love that it has the different sections and I really do still love this planner. However, I recently decided to try something new.

I got this large Kikki K planner and some Sew Much Crafting inserts awhile ago and I never used them. Although my planners are used for functional purposes, I also enjoy decorating them with stickers and color coding things with fun pens. And every few months, I tend to get bored and switch things up. Since I had this one collecting dust I thought I'd try it out.

I wasn't using a ton of stickers in my Plum Paper planner and I kinda missed it. I also missed having my days in chronological order. You can see with the Plum Paper planner that there isn't really a way to put things in order. I just listed things we had going on for each section.

With my new setup, I can color code with stickers and pens for each kid, but also keep things in order from top to bottom. I made my own little sections for dinners and blog posts.

The one thing I miss with this setup is the sidebar where I can keep a running to do list of things I need to do throughout the week. So I have been keeping a little half sheet in there, just for weekly notes and to do's. I cut little slits where the holes are so it can go in and out easily without opening the whole planner.

In the front I have a little pad of paper and there are a couple pockets where I keep appointment reminder cards, invitations, and sticker sheets that I use frequently.

There are dividers and tabs that came with the planner. My first section is for my monthly pages where I write down appointments and other things I know ahead of time.

The second section is the weekly pages. I usually sit down on Sunday's with a blank slate and plan the week with everything I know we have going on. The rest gets filled in as I go.

The third section is to-do's.

The fourth section is my notes section. I keep a running wish list of things I want, things I want to get the kids, things we want for the house, etc. I also keep my zone cleaning pages in this section as well as a bunch of blank note pages.

The fifth section is my check register, which I'm not going to share, but it's another insert from Sew Much Crafting.

The sixth section is sticker sheets that came with the planner.

In the very back is this blank note pad, just for writing quick notes while I'm on the phone or out and about.

I'm really loving this setup and the fun colors for Spring and Summer. I fully admit that this is a super nerdy hobby, but it makes me happy. :)

What planner do you use and do you color code or use stickers? I'd love to hear from some of my #plannernerd friends! :)

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  1. Love that you keep a check register, I thought I was the only one!