April 10, 2017

Life Lately

Last week was a complete blur. Saturday we had Kenley's birthday party and it was perfect. The weather was beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. What a bummer. We did an egg hunt outside and it was a little hectic for Tyler and I trying to keep track of Kase and Kenley, neither of which really cared about finding eggs. I wanted to get around and take pictures of my nieces and nephews too, but the day got away from me. But Kenley, if you're reading this some day, your 2nd birthday party was awesome! :)

Sunday we just did some work around the house and I started feeling sick and overall just worn down. I felt nauseous all night and then at about 6:00 Monday morning I threw up. I ended up throwing up four more times that day/night. Thankfully Tyler was able to be home from work because I was in rough shape. I couldn't get out of bed my body hurt so bad.

Tuesday I started feeling a little better and was able to keep some food down. My mom and I had planned an autism awareness softball game for that night and I went back and forth on whether I should go. In the end, I wasn't feeling great, but I just didn't want to miss it. I'm really glad I went. It was amazing to see the support from my hometown community. We ended up raising over $2,100 for our local autism society!

Wednesday I woke up to an even worse sore throat and a terrible cough. I wasn't getting any sleep, which was making everything worse. By Friday I had no voice. Saturday Tyler let me sleep basically all day. I finally started to feel better yesterday. I have no idea where the flu/vomiting came from on Monday, but I'm just thankful nobody else got it (knock on wood).

Needless to say, I didn't get a great start on my 30 Miles in 30 Days. Saturday I had over 13,000 steps, but I'm not counting steps for this challenge - only dedicated miles on the treadmill. I did get 3 miles in last Sunday before I started to get sick.

Then didn't do anything all week, but I forced myself to go down last night. I decided not to run because I knew I'd end up having a coughing fit so I just did an easy walk. Better than nothing!

So I'm at 5.0 miles for the month, which means I have 20 days to get 25 miles. It wasn't the start I was planning on, but I still feel confident that I can do this! Those of you who are joining us, how are you doing so far?

In other news, Kenley got a sleeping bag for her birthday so the girls had a movie night on Saturday. They chose Snow White.

About halfway through Kase crawled into Kyla's sleeping bag with her. The lights were off and I knew if I tried to sneak a picture, they'd all get up. Sometimes it's best to just let them be. :)

Kase had a really good week. Kyla lost another tooth, making that three lost so far. Kenley's newest phrase is "Oh goodness" and it is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard.

And that's life lately!

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