April 12, 2017

Dentist Visit & Vitamins {Autism}

There are a lot of things to think about and prepare for when taking Kase to the dentist. We take the kids to a children's dentist so there is a fun play area while you wait, which is great. The downside to that is getting him to transition from that to the back where they do the exam. Then there's the exam itself. Nobody really likes the dentist (at least I've never met anyone), but throw in his sensory issues, and it can be stressful. The smells, the loud noises, people wearing masks, the unpredictability. It's a lot.

We used to take Kyla and Kase at the same time, but now that Kenley started seeing the dentist, we take her and Kyla together and make a separate appointment for Kase. Not only is it easier to have one of us just be able to focus on him (rather than both of us trying to focus on all three kids), but it's best that he not see Kenley be scared because she's still very unsure of it all. Plus then there's no waiting. When he's all done, we can go.

Yesterday it worked out that Tyler could take him since I was home with Kenley. I'm very thankful he has a job that is flexible when it comes to these kind of things. I can't imagine taking him and Kenley both.

I called Tyler when I knew he'd be back at work and I was nervous to ask how it went. I was relieved when he said, "It went well!"

He said Kase was playing and having fun in the waiting area and when they called his name, he held his hand and walked back. This alone is awesome! He did great letting them brush his teeth with a regular brush, but he did not allow them to use the electric brush to polish them. The sound alone is enough to freak him out. He doesn't want that thing anywhere near him. But that's ok! They got them cleaned and got a good look to make sure everything looks great.

The one thing that they talked about was the fact that Kase still isn't spitting the toothpaste out when we brush his teeth. He swallows it. So for the most part we still have to use baby toothpaste. I use a little dab of fluoride toothpaste in the mornings, mixed with the baby toothpaste to help with bad breath. We need to keep working on teaching him how to spit. He pretends to spit, but it's just a natural reaction for him to swallow the toothpaste so he doesn't actually spit anything out.

Let me also add that this was a routine checkup. He does a really good job of letting us brush his teeth twice a day and thankfully, everything looks good right now. If he were to need special care in the future (cavities, x-rays, etc.) I think things will get much more complicated.

Once they were finished, Kase got some tokens to use out front at the toy machines. He, of course, chose some bouncy balls.

He was sad about going to therapy afterwards, but he walked in, put his things away, and was off. His therapist said as soon as he got into the classroom he was happy again. In fact, she wrote on his daily note that she was very impressed with how he transitioned into the group activities since he was late and he was out of his normal routine.

Overall, I consider this dentist trip a success. We are fortunate to have a dentist and hygienists who are extremely patient and understanding.

On a different note, he ate a chewable vitamin last night! I went to Target and decided to pick up some Flintstones with iron. Previously, we'd been giving him a liquid iron supplement, but we were out of it. He hates it and it can stain his teeth so I thought I'd try the Flintstones. Tyler said, "There's no way he's going to eat those." and I too had my doubts. But with a little bribery, he ate it! I think even he was shocked, haha. I will be giving him one every day now so hopefully he remembers that it wasn't so bad and it just will become part of his daily routine.

We sure are proud of this boy. Just look at that cute smile! :)

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