April 18, 2017

{Autism Awareness} A Week in our Lives & an Erin Condren Giveaway!

One of my favorite parts about blogging is connecting with people that I never would have otherwise. Some of my blogger friends I have met in person and some I haven't, but regardless, I consider some of them good friends. I'm so happy that blogging has allowed me to "meet" and get to know Elizabeth. Her son is Kase's age and also has autism. We are going through so many of the same things and it's just nice to have someone who really gets it. She is incredibly sweet and I wish we didn't live across the country from one another so we could hang out and our boys could be friends.

Elizabeth and I talk a lot about different therapies, our schedules, the anxiety we have about our boys starting school this fall and all kinds of other random mom stuff. We also share a love for planners and how we stay organized with our busy schedules.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month we decided to each share what a week in our lives looks like. Last week was a pretty normal week for our family so it gives you a good glimpse into what life is like. Kyla is 6 and in Kindergarten, Kase is 4 and doing 31 hours of therapy each week and Kenley is 2 and home with me full time.

Monday, April 10, 2017
6:27 am - Kyla and Kase wake up and come out of their bedroom. Kyla shows us the money she got from the tooth fairy. They both ask for milk and Kase asks for a pop tart. I take Kase to the bathroom and get him dressed. Kyla gets dressed, brushes her teeth and I do her hair. Kase is playing with the iPad.
7:28 am - Tyler and Kyla leave (he takes her to school on his way to work)
7:57 am - I check to make sure my blog post was published and share it on my Facebook page.
8:00 am - I wake Kenley up, get her dressed and get her some milk and cereal.
8:20 am - I get Kase dressed, brush his teeth, and put his socks and shoes on.
8:32 am - We leave the house.
8:58 am - I take Kase into therapy and on the way out talk to another mom for a few minutes.
9:22 am - On the way home I stop and fill the van with gas and then go to the bank. Kenley got her first sucker from the nice lady at the bank.

9:48 am - Kenley and I get home and I start my morning routine (some things I do every week day morning that make me have a more productive day, i.e. make my bed, start a load of laundry, etc.). We play, color, I clean the kids bathroom, we play some more.
11:30 am - I make Kenley lunch (peanut butter sandwich, apple slices and yogurt).
11:50 am - I put her down for her nap. I clean up from lunch, get dinner in the crock pots (pork tenderloin and cheesy potatoes), take a shower, change the laundry, dry my hair, put some makeup on, and then do some work at my desk.

2:15 pm - I wake Kenley up, change her diaper and we leave the house.
2:26 pm - We get to Kyla's school early. Kenley has some goldfish while we wait.
2:48 pm - Kyla comes out of school and we head to get Kase.
3:10 pm - We arrive at Kase's school. His therapist walks out to the van with us and says Kase had a great day!
3:40 pm - We get home and I go through backpacks and get everything put away. I take Kase to the bathroom and then he lays in my bed and watches the iPad for a little bit. While Kenley plays in her room, I read with Kyla in there for about 20 minutes. Kase asks for some chips and then of course the girls both want some too.
5:45 pm - Tyler gets home and we eat dinner. Side note - I need to share this pork tenderloin recipe because we love it. I think it's our favorite meal currently. Kyla and Kenley both had seconds! We didn't make Kase eat it (more on that later).
6:15 pm - I go downstairs and walk on the treadmill while Tyler plays with the kids. This time every night we turn the TV off, put the tablets away, and they just play. I end up walking 3 miles.
7:15 pm - I come upstairs and clean up the kitchen from dinner. The kids start to wind down. We get all their pajamas on and brush their teeth.
7:45 pm - They're all in bed. I fold the laundry that was still sitting in the dryer. Tyler takes a much deserved break and watches some TV. I sit at my desk for awhile, check my planner, and get ready for bed.
8:44 pm - I am in bed!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
7:12 am - The kids wake up and I look at the clock and realize we all slept in. I rush to get Kyla ready for school.
7:30 am - Tyler and Kyla leave and he drops her off at school. Normally he goes to work after dropping her off, but this morning he came back home so he could take Kase to the dentist (you can read about the dentist appointment here).
8:32 am - Tyler and Kase leave for the dentist.
9:10 am - Kenley finally wakes up. She's been sleeping in later the last couple weeks, but I normally have to wake her up. Today she got to sleep in since we didn't have to take Kase. I get her dressed, we eat breakfast (waffles) and color at the table.

9:35 am - Kase is done at the dentist and Tyler takes him to therapy.
10:30 am - I take a shower and get myself ready for the day while Kenley plays on the iPad.
11:45 am - We eat lunch (chicken patty, chips and yogurt). I don't put Kenley down for a nap because she slept in late and we have to leave earlier today.
1:40 pm - We leave the house to pick Kase up. On Tuesday's he gets done an hour early so we pick him up first, then Kyla.
2:15 pm - We pick Kase up and talk to two of his therapists for a few minutes. They said he had a great day.
2:20 pm - We leave for Kyla's school.
2:45 pm - We arrive at Kyla's school and wait a couple minutes for her to come out.
3:05 pm - We get home, I unpack their bags and lunch boxes, then read with Kyla for about 20 minutes. Then we just hang out and play until dinner.
5:00 pm - I eat dinner early because I'm starving and I'm going to be leaving as soon as Tyler gets home.
5:35 pm - Tyler gets home and him and the kids eat dinner (leftovers).
5:45 pm - I leave for Target and get the rest of the stuff for the Easter baskets.
7:15 pm - I get home and Tyler is in the middle of doing baths. I help finish them up, get pajamas on, brush teeth, brush hair, and we read books. Tyler usually reads to each kid separately before bed, but tonight I read to Kenley.
7:55 pm - All three kids are in bed and sound asleep. I clean up the kitchen and then sit down to do some planning.
9:05 pm - I get ready for bed and check social media a little bit before falling asleep.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
6:26 am - Kyla and Kase wake up. We get all three kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed, etc.

7:33 am - We all leave the house. Kase has speech and occupational therapy on Wednesday mornings starting at 8:00 so Tyler drops him off on the way to school. Therefore, Kenley and I take Kyla to school.
7:50 am - We drop Kyla off.
7:55 am - Tyler drops Kase off at therapy.
8:03 am - Kenley and I get home. I get Kenley dressed, we eat breakfast together (cereal), and then she watches cartoons while I do my morning routine.
9:30 am - We leave the house to go pick Kase up.
9:55 am - We arrive at the clinic and go in to wait for Kase. His occupational therapist walks out to the van with us.
10:22 am - We get home and the kids play while I take pictures of their Easter baskets in the other room. We eat lunch and I pack Kase's bag for his afternoon therapy.
12:30 pm - We leave to take Kase to therapy.
12:58 pm - We arrive at Kase's ABA clinic and I take him in.
1:25 pm - Kenley and I arrive home. She's in need of a nap, but we have to leave soon to get Kyla so we just relax on the couch and watch Toy Story.
2:20 pm - We leave the house, again!
2:50 pm - We pick Kyla up from school.
3:15 pm - We arrive at Kase's school a little early and just hang out in the van.
3:30 pm - I go in and get Kase. His therapist said he had an awesome day. By the way, I should add in case anyone is wondering, I park on the street right in front of the clinic's front door. His therapists know I have two other kids in the van so they have him all ready and meet me at the front door. So I don't have to get the girls out and then get them all right back in again. We meet at the front door, I take Kase's hand, they have his other hand, and we all walk out to the van. As Kase is getting in his seat and getting buckled is when they will tell me about his day. It works out very nicely!
3:50 pm - We get home, I put dinner in the oven (baked ziti), go through backpacks, and pick up the house. The kids play and color at the table. Tyler gets home early because Kase's lead therapist is coming for a dinner observation.
5:00 pm - She arrives and we eat dinner. The observation and attempt at getting Kase to eat a bite of dinner did not go well at all. It was exhausting and just plain hard. They started his official food training program yesterday. It took 70 minutes for him to eat one bite of toast (something he used to love and then stopped eating).
6:40 pm - His therapist leaves and we're all drained. I won't go into every detail about the dinner situation, but besides seeing Kase extremely upset, there was urine and vomit (from gagging on the dinner) to be cleaned up. I'm not exaggerating when I say he has severe food aversions. It's a real thing guys and it's really, really hard. There's nothing worse than seeing your kids upset, but he can't eat chips and applesauce for every meal. I hope that we can start to make some progress soon.
6:50 pm - After I get things cleaned up, I go downstairs and walk on the treadmill while Tyler and the kids play. I'm extremely thankful for him. He could tell I just needed a little time away and was willing to hold down the fort upstairs with the kids while I escaped for a bit.
7:40 pm - All three kids are in bed. I clean up from dinner, send a couple emails, and get ready for bed.
8:30 pm - I go to bed. Yes, I go to bed this early. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2017
Tyler has to travel one day a week (usually) and this was his travel day so he left super early.
6:30 am - I set my alarm on the mornings that he's gone so I make sure I have enough time to get all three kids and myself ready to leave by 7:30.
7:33 am - We leave the house to take Kyla to school. When we were about 5 minutes away, I remembered that Kyla was supposed to bring a toy to school today. I thought about just forgetting it, but we forgot about it last week too (#momfail) and she was really sad about it. I asked her about it and she got upset so I turned around. Then she was upset because she thought she'd be late for school. I promised her I wouldn't let her be late. She was a few minutes later than she usually is, but she wasn't late.
8:07 am - We get back home and get Kase's backpack and lunch ready. I brush his teeth and help him get his socks and shoes on. I get Kenley dressed.
8:35 am - We leave the house to take Kase to therapy. I grab a pack of mini muffins since we hadn't eaten yet. Both kids ate them.
9:00 am - We drop Kase off. We're usually a few minutes early and he will ask me to play tickle monster.

9:10 am - I go through McDonald's drive thru for a breakfast sandwich.
9:30 am - I have an appointment to get my blood pressure checked. I was at the doctor the week before for my wrist and had high blood pressure at that time (I've never had high blood pressure in my life) so they wanted to recheck it. Today it was normal. I think it was because I was really sick the week before.
10:15 am - We get home and I take a shower. Kenley hangs out in the bathroom with me and pretends she's a monster through the shower door. :)
12:00 pm - My mom had the day off so she comes over.
12:30 pm - I put Kenley down for a nap.
2:20 pm - We leave to pick up the kids (my mom comes with us).
2:50 pm - We get Kyla.
3:15 pm - We get Kase (he had another great day) and then go to Culver's for ice cream and an early dinner. When we get home I sit at the table and help Kyla with her math homework and Kase and Kenley play with Grandma and watch some cartoons.
6:00 pm - I had my alarm set because registration opened for Kyla's summer school classes and they fill up fast. I get her all signed up for two classes.
6:15 pm - Tyler gets home, my mom leaves and I take a bath.
7:40 pm - Kase and Kenley are in bed. Since Kyla doesn't have school tomorrow she gets to stay up later and sleep with me tonight.
8:50 pm - Kyla and I turn the lights off and go to sleep.

Friday, April 14, 2017
6:25 am - Kyla and Kase wake up and we do our morning stuff. Kyla doesn't have school today, Tyler has a half day of work and Kase has a normal day of therapy. Tyler waited to go to to work so he could drop Kase off on his way.
8:30 am - Tyler and Kase leave. Kyla, Kenley and I have waffles for breakfast. This morning was just spent playing and cleaning the house.
1:00 pm - Tyler gets home and I head out to run a few errands and do some shopping.
3:15 pm - I pick Kase up at therapy. His therapists said he had a great day and they showed me a video of him on the swing (which he normally hates). He was smiling and said, "This is fun!"
3:45 pm - We get home and Kase is sound asleep. I carry him in and he lays on the couch for while.

5:15 pm - We have pizza for dinner and then really just hang out the rest of the night. Everyone was tired from a long week.
7:45 pm - The kids are in bed. I do the dishes and then work on my computer for awhile.
9:45 pm - I go to bed.

Normally Kase will have speech and occupational therapy on Saturday's from 11:00-1:00, but he didn't this Saturday since it was Easter weekend. Our Easter was very low key. We stayed home, got some things done around the house and spent lots of time playing outside. We went to bed Sunday night ready to tackle another busy week!

There's no way I could keep all of this straight without my planner. Yesterday I shared my current planner setup, but I am also a huge fan of Erin Condren planners. I've used them since 2011 and more than likely will be getting one at some point in 2017 because I have a $100 gift card to use up. They have a ton of other things besides planners so I will have no problem finding things to buy if I don't feel the need for another planner.

Luckily for all of you, Elizabeth and I are giving away a $50 Erin Condren gift card over on Instagram. It's super easy to enter and will be posted this morning (spoiler alert - 9:15 am CST) on both our accounts. Also, make sure you go over and check out Elizabeth's post and see how she spent her week with her sweet son, Mason!

Thanks for making it all the way through this long post. There are times when I feel like a taxi driver, but we do what we have to do to make sure our kids are getting everything they need. Some day I will look back on this post and miss all the running around!


  1. First of all, I was going to say those crock pot recipes sound delicious! You need to share both :)
    Second, it's funny how similar our lives can be but so different. I constantly feel like I am doing SO much yet nothing at all, and from all your in and out all day, I bet you sometimes feel the same (I hope that came out right). It can be so overwhelming trying to remember what day it is, what therapy they have, where you are supposed to be at what time, etc and you have three kids! I'm also impressed that you make time to work out. I seriously need to, but I'm "too busy" or so I tell myself.
    Loved sharing a week in the life with you today! Like I said, even though we are so similar, our weeks can be so different, yet so the same.
    So happy to have met you through this crazy world of social media and blogging! Like you said, I wish we didn't live so far apart because I know our boys would love playing together!

  2. I agree with Elizabeth, those recipes sound delicious! I never thought to purchase another one. That is genius!

    I found your blog & IG via Elizabeth & I'm so happy I did. I'm actually a born & raised & still living in WI girl. So, if you need someone to talk WI sports to, I'm your girl. ;)

    So looking forward to following along!