April 28, 2017

April Favorites

Some of my favorite blog posts and YouTube videos are ones where people share their favorite things. For the most part, I am not loyal to one certain brand or product so I enjoy seeing what other people are loving so I can try new things.

My April favorites might just be the most random assortment of things you've ever seen, but they're all things we've been enjoying so I thought I'd share!

Home Decor - I love decorating our house for every holiday, but there's just something very calming about going back to the neutral, every day decor. Everything on this little table is from Hobby Lobby.

Trolls Soundtrack - There are so many fun songs on this CD and it's been a nice break from Moana! :)

Snuggle the Baby book - Kenley got this for her birthday and it's so cute. It's interactive so you feed, change and swaddle the baby. Then there's a baby to take out of the book and then put to bed at the end. Kyla and Kenley both really love this book.
Original Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow - I complained about my cheap pillows for way too long. I had a couple people suggest these bamboo pillows so one day after a terrible night of sleep I pulled the trigger and ordered two. So far Tyler and I are happy with these. I think I need to take a little of the stuffing out, but I just haven't taken the time to do that yet.
Let's Learn Disposable Placemats - Kenley loves to eat so I figured at the table was the best place to teach her things. These stick to the table and are super easy to remove. I don't keep them on the table all the time, but when I do use them I will sometimes leave them on there for a few days. Kyla loves to test Kenley and see which colors she knows.

Counting Bears with Cups - I blogged about these in November 2012 when Kyla was not quite two, but she loved them. It was fun going back and reading that post. Kenley loves them just as much and I still think everyone should have these. They are great for learning colors, counting, sorting, patterns and also a great tool to work on cleaning up!

Lately I have been giving Kenley just two colors to see if she can sort them into the correct cups. She ends up getting bored of that and always asks for the rest of the colors.

Lastly, because I was eating one while typing this post, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs - I know they make these for almost every holiday, but the eggs for Easter are just SO good. Thank you Easter Bunny for bringing extra for me this year!

If you missed my March favorites you can read about those here.

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  1. I love getting recommendations of things that people really use and love! I need to get that Trolls soundtrack. I think you posted about it before and I added it to my Amazon cart and then never pulled the trigger. I need to get it!