March 31, 2017

March Favorites

Some of my favorite blog posts and YouTube videos are ones where people share their favorite things. For the most part, I am not loyal to one certain brand or product so I enjoy seeing what other people are loving so I can try new things.

Here are a few of my favorites from the last month.

Dr Teal's Foaming Bubble Bath - I take baths a lot and use a lot of different kinds of bubble bath. I saw someone recommend this one and since it was pretty cheap I thought I'd try it. I really like it!
Soap & Glory Body Lotion - This is my new favorite lotion. I'm not a huge fan of super fruity or strong smelling lotions. I love the smell of this stuff and it works well on my super dry skin.
Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer - I don't tan in tanning beds so I like to use some type of self tanner once in awhile for a little color. This one is inexpensive, but I think it's great. It's not going to make you super tan, but I can tell a difference just after using it one time. For me, it gives me the perfect amount of color. I've also never had any streaks from it.
Aveeno Daily Moisturizer - I use this every day and I think I'm on my third one. I'm sure there are better daily moisturizers out there, but this one does the job for me. I like that it has SPF too.

A Thousand Wishes Fine Fragrance Mist - I'm not an expensive perfume kind of girl. I use this body spray every day and this is one of my favorite scents ever from Bath & Body. This bottle is almost gone. Thankfully Santa brought me another one!
Keracolor Leave in Conditioner - My friend picked this up for me because she also has a daughter with very long hair. She swears by it. The first time I used it on Kyla's hair I texted her and told her this stuff is life changing. We were using the cheap Suave detangling stuff before. I will never use anything else. It's awesome!

Personalized Bar Necklace - I love this necklace SO much. I couldn't get a good picture with me wearing it, but it's honestly perfect!

Pilot G-2 0.7 mm Pens - As you probably know, I'm a pen and paper kind of planner. I used to use these pens, then switched to the Papermate ink joy pens, but recently switched back. They don't skip like the ink joy's did and I can still color code my planner.

Fresh flowers - Need I say more? :)

Easter decor - I decorate my fireplace mantle with every holiday and Easter is definitely one of my favorites!

What have you all been loving this month? 


  1. Those are my favorite pens too! I also like the Pilot Acroball, if you need a good black pen that's not gel. I bought some for work, but they're for me only since patients like to walk out with them!
    I love soap & glory products, I'll have to try the lotion! My new favorite brand right now is Formula 10.0.6, I love all their facewashes and masks :)

    1. Confession - I have never done a face mask. That's really embarrassing to admit, haha! I got a sample one that I have been wanting to try. Will have to try out the Formula 10.0.6! :)

  2. I love these type of posts!!! I love when people are honest about things they've bought and truly love (or even don't love!). I may need to try out that tanning lotion. I don't go tanning either and I am WHITE so I could totally use some help as summer rolls around!

  3. LOVE your Easter decor! :) I use Dr Teal's epsom salt which I LOVE, I'll have to try the bubble bath sometime too. Once I'm in my new house with an actual good tub!! :)