March 23, 2017

Kenley is TWO!

Kenley turned two on Tuesday and we celebrated with pizza and cupcakes, two of her favorite things! She woke up and immediately saw her birthday present on the fireplace. It is the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace (long name for a princess castle). She absolutely loves it! We had to go to Target that morning for a prescription for Kyla (she has pink eye) so each of the girls got a stuffed pony. We will be having a birthday party for her next Saturday with our families!

Let's see, where do I begin with this girl. She has such a big personality. She's at a really fun age and is constantly making us laugh. She has so many funny facial expressions. As adorable as she is, she can also be a stinker. And wow does she have some sass in her! You can tell she is the youngest and has learned how to stick up for herself. She holds her own with her big brother and sister.

As far as development goes, she's right where she should be. She was an early talker compared to the other two. She has always called me "Mom" and Tyler "Daddy", but she recently figured out how to say "Mommy" and now she says it about 250 times a day. Seriously, all day long... "Mommy, Mommy, HI." Or if I ask her a question, it's always, "Yeah Mommy." As soon as she hears the door close at night, she screams "DADDY!" and runs to the door and gives him a big hug. She's definitely a mommy's girl, but she loves her daddy too!

She still needs a nap every day, but unfortunately she doesn't always get one. With Kase's therapy schedule, it's nearly impossible for her to nap on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. On those days she goes to bed around 7:15 pm. Otherwise she's in bed by about 7:30 every night. She goes around and tells everyone "night night" and gives kisses. She wakes up around 7:00 am. Just in the last two weeks she's started waking up every night around 1:30 am. She will cry for a couple minutes and then go back to sleep. I have no idea if it's two year molars or what. Every time I hear her crying I look at the clock and sure enough, it's 1:30. That can stop anytime now! :)

She's going through the shy stage with people she doesn't know. Kyla did the same thing around this age. It usually takes about 10 minutes for her to warm up to people and feel comfortable. But she makes sure to let them know that she's not happy to see them at first!

I think she's going to be much more of a dare devil than Kyla was. Still to do this day Kyla is hesitant when trying new things or extra cautious in certain situations. Kenley just has no fear. She likes to lean back and stick her head under the water in the bathtub. And she's a little monkey out on the play set. This is how photo shoots go nowadays...

She's a good listener when we say no. She will almost always stop or if she got into something I will tell her to put it back and she almost always will listen.

Weight: 28 pounds
Height: 35 inches
Diapers: Size 5 (We use Pampers during the day and Huggies overnights)
Clothes: She's in 3T pajamas and 2T shirts and pants, although it's about time to transition into all 3T stuff
Shoes: Size 7
Hair: Blondish brown and straight with some slight curl in the back
Eyes: Blue

~Coloring (she asks to color at least 5 times a day)
~Playing dolls
~Books and being read to
~Singing (as soon as a song stops in the van she says, "Mommy Song?")
~Chap stick
~Baths (as soon as she hears the water turn on she starts taking her clothes off)
~Playing outside
~Taking her socks and shoes off as soon as we get in the van
~Wearing everyone else's shoes
~Her nukies (which need to be taken away soon)
~Balls and playing catch
~Getting into drawers
~Throwing things away (including things that shouldn't be thrown away...we're working on that!)
~Snapchat and all the silly filters

~Having a pony or bow in her hair. She takes them out immediately.
~Having things taken away
~Timeouts (she's only had a few, but she is not a fan!)
~Play doh (she'd rather stack the cups than play with the actual play doh)
~When her brother takes things from her
~Public restrooms

Food - spaghetti (although she pretty much loves all food, minus veggies)
Drink - chocolate milk
Toy - dolls and babies (all of their names are Anna)
Words - Mommy, Kyla, Yeah
TV Show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

"Mommy, what would we do if we never had Kenley? I for sure wouldn't laugh as much because she makes me laugh all the time." - sweet words from big sister Kyla :)

Happy birthday, Kenley Lynn. I love you so much!


  1. Happy birthday Kenley! I love that she names all her dolls Anna! She is so cute!

  2. She's so sweet! Hope she had the best birthday. Happy TWO Kenley!