March 17, 2017

Four Year Old Charm

Thank you for all your kind comments on Facebook about yesterday's post. It helps me to talk about this roller coaster we're on. It can seem lonely at times, but then I am reminded just how many people are in it with us. It helps to share the struggles. Some days can be absolutely draining, not only physically, but emotionally too. Being able to express myself here in an honest way is very therapeutic.

Some days are hard, but most days are great, and I like sharing about those days as well. Yesterday was one of those days.

Kase did a great job in the morning when I dropped him off, which is pretty normal. He's in a good mood and loves seeing some of his favorite people. He walks in and says hi to everyone he sees. He puts his stuff away and gives me a big, "Bye Mom!".

When I walked into the clinic to pick him up, I was greeted with him and one of his therapists. She was holding his hand walking toward me. He smiled and said, "Hi Mom!" and grabbed my hand. We all three walked out to the van together. His newest thing is he will take his hat and jacket off and put it up front in my seat. So he did that and then got in his seat. His therapist and I both praised him for doing such a great job and then he told her goodbye and asked for the iPad. Today he got it. :)

When I go around and get into my seat, I always say, "Who's jacket is in my seat?!" and he cracks up every time. It's adorable.

While we were walking out and waiting for him to take his jacket off, his therapist was telling me about his day. She said play pals in the morning was a little crazy. She couldn't really tell me much more because it was regarding some other kids. But she said Kase handled it all very well and just kept on with what he was supposed to do. They were very proud of him for that.

She also told me that he got tired in the afternoon and saw a pillow in the room they were working in. She told him he couldn't have the pillow right now. So, being the charmer that he is, he said to her, "I want a hug." So they hugged. And then he said with a smirk on his face, "I want pillow." She told him she appreciated the hug, but he still wasn't getting the pillow. He didn't argue and went about the session.

Tyler says he definitely got his charm from his Dad. :)

Another quick story that I found really funny... On Wednesday Kyla had the iPad after school while she was having a snack at the table. Kase came over to her, grabbed her hand, and brought her to the living room. He was being silly with her and she said, "Mommy, what does he want me to do?" I said I had no idea. I could see him out of the corner of his eye look over at the iPad on the table. And just when Kyla was distracted enough, he took off in a full sprint and grabbed it. I laughed so hard. He really thought that plan out and executed it perfectly.

I love this boy so, so much. Thanks again for all of your support. Happy Friday and Go Badgers!

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