March 6, 2017


I realize these posts are kind of a cop out, but sometimes they're just necessary. Today is a rainy, stormy day and I'm lacking any kind of creativity for a blog post. But I still wanted to get one up!

So here we go. Currently I'm...

Thinking... about everything. My mind never stops. I wish I could write about it all on this blog because then maybe I'd feel a little less anxious, but some things I just have to keep private.

Reading... all kinds of Dr. Seuss books. Since last week was his birthday, Kyla had a whole week of fun stuff at school dedicated to him. She is now obsessed with all his books, which is totally cool with me because I love them too!

Eating... this kettle corn. I blame you, Elizabeth! It's SO good!

Enjoying... selling things on eBay. Normally I sell our stuff at garage sales, but I decided to give eBay a try. I've made about $500 just selling stuff around our house that we don't need, mostly clothes that don't fit anymore. I still have a stash of stuff for a garage sale this Spring, but the nicer things I've listed on eBay. For example, I sold two pairs of my jeans that I don't wear but were in good shape. I'd probably get $5 at a garage sale, but I sold them for $30 and $23 on eBay. And the whole process is super easy!

Watching... Trolls! Kyla and I have watched it three times and we LOVE it!

Loving... my rain boots that my sweet sister in law bought me a couple years ago. They're perfect for days like today!

Wishing... I could freeze time. I am a little ashamed to admit this, but there were many days (maybe months) that I would wish the time away. I wanted so badly to be done with the baby stage. Now that the kids are 6, 4 and almost 2, I don't want any of them to grow up any more. They're all three at such fun ages! Kyla loves school is such a sweetheart. Kase is doing so well and I'm really nervous about what's going to happen with school this fall. I honestly wish he could just stay at the place he's at now forever. I love it there that much. And Kenley is just a blast right now. She can be a little stinker at times, but she makes me laugh all day long. I just love her personality so much.

Listening... to YouTube videos. It's what gets me through working out, cleaning and folding laundry.

Planning... Kenley's 2nd birthday party! Last year since her birthday was around Easter we did an egg hunt out in our yard for all the kids. Even though Easter is a few weeks later this year, I decided to still do the egg hunt. It's just so much fun!

Happy Monday, friends! What are you currently up to? Do any of you sell on eBay? Or have some favorite YouTube channels I should check out?


  1. So much yes!!!
    I'm seriously excited yet terrified for Mason to go to kindergarten next year.
    That kettle corn is so good, right?! So sorry I got you addicted!
    We LOVE Trolls over here too!

  2. I need to sell more stuff on ebay and always forget about it. Love those rain boots. Seriously so cute.

  3. Wow I need to try and sell some things on ebay! That's awesome!