March 20, 2017

A Perfect Weekend

I know I have raved about Kase's ABA clinic before, but I was reminded yet again just how amazing they are when I picked him up on Friday. His lead therapist was with him and the other therapist when I walked in. He was so excited to see me and walked out and into the van like a champ. Then, of course, requested the iPad.

The therapist that had been working with him in the afternoon said he had a great day. She then went back inside and his lead therapist said she wanted to share some results from some assessments she did with him. She did a speech assessment with him (she told me the formal name of the test, but I have a terrible memory). Six months ago when they did the same test he was in the 4th percentile compared to other 4 year old's. He's now in the 39th percentile! She said she knew he has made a lot of progress with his speech, but she was floored with this big of a jump. She told me she went around the clinic and told everyone because she's just so proud of him. She also told me that if this was the only test they looked at, he would not qualify for speech services anymore. We are obviously going to continue with what we're doing, but hearing this was so encouraging. I called Tyler on his way home from work to tell him and he said he was tearing up. All of this work that Kase does and all of these hours of therapy are paying off. I'm so proud of him.

I also brought up the situation at the other clinic that happened on Wednesday with her. I certainly wasn't placing blame on anyone or trying to bash them, but I also feel like his lead therapist knows him better than anyone else. And to be completely honest, I just feel like she's "our person". I trust her so much. It is very obvious that she cares about Kase and our family and it's not just a job for her. I wanted to let her know and see if she had any suggestions.

She immediately offered to meet me there next week at pickup time. I let her know that every pickup has been difficult and she said it's important that we break this routine of his. I think when he sees her there, that alone will be a reminder of what we expect from him. I was only bringing it up to her to see if she had any ideas for me. I never thought she'd offer to go there and help me. But I am incredibly thankful and obviously told her yes!

Lastly, they helped Kase make a birthday card for Kenley. She turns two tomorrow. She said he sat really well and enjoyed coloring and writing his name. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. Maybe this seems like such a small thing, but it is just another example of how thoughtful they are. They're just simply amazing.

Yep, I'll be saving this forever :)
We started our weekend early with a play date with some great friends after school. My friend took the girls to get frozen yogurt and then brought them here to play.

It's just so nice to have friends who are mom's and just get you. I'm certain we could talk forever.

Friday night we watched Monsters University and for the first time ever, Kase laid with Kyla and watched a movie. He started to fall asleep at one point so we took him to bed. But seeing this was enough to melt my mama heart.

Saturday morning I took Kyla to an event that her school district put on. It was called Kids Get Fit and she had a lot of fun. They had 12 different stations - obstacle courses, zumba, rock climbling, bike safety, etc. She said the frozen yogurt break time was her favorite. :)

That front tooth is SOOOO close to falling out!
While we watched the Badgers WIN that afternoon, we put together our new table and chairs. We've had a table with four chairs in our kitchen area forever. We have a larger table in the more formal dining area, which we hope to some day use. But for now while the kids are young, it just doesn't make sense. Since Kenley has been out of her high chair and now that Kase sits and eats with us (yay!), I'm usually the one that stands and eats. So we ordered a new one and I love it. It's nothing fancy, but obviously with three kids, fancy isn't really what we're going for. We have the 6th chair in at my desk so it doesn't feel as crowded in here since we will be using that patio door a lot.

We have a (very bad) tradition of getting donuts on Sunday's so before bed Saturday night Kyla said, "I just can't wait to have donuts as a family tomorrow at our new table." I can tell you, the table is perfect and the donuts were delicious! :)

Yesterday Tyler and I made a list of things we wanted to get done and we were very productive. Cleaned windows and then put the screens back on (come on, Spring!), lots of laundry, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, purged, organized, and my favorite - Tyler cleaned my van. What a guy!

I needed a weekend like this. It was the perfect blend of fun, relaxation and productivity.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! We have a big week with our baby turning 2!

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