March 27, 2017

A Lesson Learned at Target

Last Tuesday I took the girls to Target to get a prescription for Kyla. The pharmacy needed a few minutes to get it ready so we had some time to look around. We didn't mind. :)

We went down the party supply aisle to get a few things for Kenley's birthday party. These two cute unicorn headbands caught our eye (spoiler alert - Kenley's party is a unicorn theme). They were only $2, Kyla has always loved unicorns and Kenley loves wearing headbands. So one went in the cart for Kenley and Kyla put hers directly on her head.

After getting the prescription and paying for everything else, we headed out to the van. I got everything in and was about to buckle the girls and saw the unicorn headband still on Kyla's head. I asked her if she put that on the belt to be paid for (she always helps me take stuff out of the cart and put it on the belt). She got a terrified look on her face and said no, that she forgot. I checked my receipt and sure enough, we had paid for one, but not both.

I explained to her that we needed to go back in and pay for it. She was scared at first because she thought she had done something wrong. I explained that it was an accident and it happens. I didn't remember to pay for it either. The important thing was that we needed to be honest and go back in. We talked about how sometimes you make mistakes, but it's always important to be honest about it, whether you meant to do it or not.

The lady working at the customer service desk was really sweet and told Kyla that was so nice of her to come back in. I know it was just a little $2 headband, but I think it was a valuable lesson that she will remember for a long time.

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  1. I think what you did was a perfect teaching lesson! Neither one of you meant to do that, you didn't purposely take it without paying. I love that you told her that people make mistakes and it was ok but now we need to make it right. It's funny how a little $2 headband can teach such a great lesson!