February 20, 2017

Life Lately

I hate that my blog is always the thing that gets neglected when life gets busy. I hope I can change that soon because it makes me happy. Speaking of this little blog of mine, did you notice anything different? My sweet friend Erin is helping me update things a bit. It was in desperate need of a little makeover. She's not done yet, but I love it so much! :)

Along with everything else going on, I've been busy planning a bridal shower for my cousin. I'm the matron of honor in her wedding in May so I'm hosting a shower for her in March. I got the invites out this past week so it felt good to get that done. Now I'm working on the food and decor. I'm not a great party planner and I'm certainly not the creative type, but I'm having fun with it! Thank you, Pinterest!

Kyla started swim lessons last week. It actually started the Monday before that, but she had strep throat so was unable to go. It is a level 1 class and the description made it seem like it was a very beginner class to work on safe entry into the pool, basic floating, and learning how to safely go under. The two things Kyla was most worried about was putting her head under water and jumping into the pool. Well, she did both of those things in the first five minutes of being there!

I don't think I have ever been more proud of that girl as I was that night. I could tell she was terrified, but she did everything she was asked to do. I'm not sure how much she missed the week before, but I was just shocked at much was expected of her. They were supposed to bob their head under water five times in a row and she was doing it, but not putting her entire head under (just the very top of her head wasn't going under). So the teacher came over and held her shoulders and pushed her under all the way. I could tell she was like, "What the heck are you doing?" but she just kept going.

Afterwards, the teacher came up to me and said she did really well for her first night and I asked Kyla if she had fun and she smiled and said yes. On the way home she said to me, "Mom, I have to tell you something. I really didn't like swim lessons that much." Bless her heart. I told her how proud I was of her and that sometimes when you try new things it can be scary. I told her how I didn't do swim lessons when I was her age and I still am not a good swimmer (true story).

We talked about next week (tonight) and how everything will feel easier because she knows what to do now. I thought for sure she would beg me not to take her, but she said she wants to be a good swimmer so she wants to keep going. #proudmom

We've had amazing weather the last couple days so we've been spending lots of time outside. It was 63 yesterday! It's going to make it harder to go back to a high of 32 this weekend.

I'm excited to get the stroller out and go on a nice long walk with Kenley today! Also, while watching the kids play outside yesterday Tyler and I were talking about how much fun this summer is going to be. They're at really fun ages! :)

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Good for you Kyla! They dunked my head underwater like that at swimming lessons and I never went back.

  2. Maybe your friend Erin can get with it and finish things up for you and your blog this week! ;) I'm so glad Kyla is being brave and doing swim lessons- go girl!!