February 24, 2017

Five on Friday

Did this week go extremely slow for anyone else? I couldn't believe it when I woke up yesterday and realized it was only Thursday. We have a busy weekend with therapy for Kase and our nephew's first birthday party tomorrow, then Kyla has a birthday party on Sunday and Tyler is heading to the fishing expo. I like having fun things to do, but I hate busy weekends because they go so fast.

But anyway, I'm back with another Five on Friday post because I love reading them and I love sharing random things I have been enjoying. So let's get started...

1. Clorox Wipes - We have had every kind of sickness in this house - colds, flu, pink eye, ear infections, strep throat. You name it, we've had it. So I'm going through these like crazy wiping every surface those little hands touch. I know these things are inevitable with two kids in school, but I'm trying my best to limit the nastiness as much as possible.

2. Black & Decker Hand Vacuum - I've had this thing for a couple weeks now and I'm obsessed! I don't know why I didn't have a hand vacuum before. I hate sweeping and with three kids, it feels like I was sweeping three times a day. This thing is so handy and powerful. And the best part? Kyla loves it too and when she sees me using it she says, "Mom, that's my job!" We use it multiple times a day under the table, on the chairs, in the hallway and laundry room where we go in and out every day. It's also super easy to empty and clean out, which is a big plus in my opinion!
3. Moana soundtrack - Kyla and I saw the movie in the theater and we both absolutely loved the music. We listen to this in the van and then we have to bring it in the house to listen to it after school while she does homework. We loved the movie too, by the way! :)

4. Pete the Cat books - These are Kase's favorite lately. We always let him choose which one and lately he's been choosing the yellow one a lot. He knows the whole book and will finish each page while we're reading. My favorite part is when we say, "Did Pete cry?" and he says, "GOODNESS NO!" It just never gets old! :)

5. My new Converse shoes - I've wanted these slip on kind for a few years and finally treated myself. I've worn them around the house and they're super comfortable. I may regret getting white, but I told Tyler that will give me a reason to buy a black or gray pair later because I love them that much!
What have you all been loving this week?


  1. Hope you all can recover from your busy weekend. And sorry about allll that sickness! I'm a big fan of Clorox wipes too- we use them all the time. I love your slip-on shoes, I need some like that!!!

  2. I love Pete the Cat :) My daycare kiddos loved him too!

  3. I have those shoes!!! In black AND white so you totally need a black pair too! I wear them ALL the time!
    Mason LOVES Pete the Cat also and I have to admit, I love how cute they are! We have almost all the books and read them constantly!