January 2, 2017

Goals for 2017

I'm usually not one to make new year's resolutions, but there are a couple specific things I want to work on for 2017.  If I'm going to set goals for myself, they need to be realistic and I need an easy, clear way to measure them.  If you read yesterday's post, you know my motto for this next year is to BE PRESENT.  That really is my main goal for the year.  But here are four realistic, measurable goals that I'm really excited about reaching.

1. Spend less than $1000 each month at Target.  This may seem crazy to some of you, but let me explain.  We buy everything at Target - groceries, diapers, clothes, shoes, everything.  And all of that adds up!  But I am guilty of buying unnecessary things or not paying attention to prices as much as I should.  I also have been bad about coupons and the Cartwheel app.  $250 per week is totally doable for us and this should be a goal that I can reach every month.  It will just take me being more aware when I'm shopping.

2. Meal plan every week.  This will also help with number 1.  I have been OK about meal planning toward the end of 2016, but I need to be more consistent.

3. Workout three times per week.  Last week I splurged and bought myself a gym membership.  I just can't get motivated enough to workout consistently at home.  I really enjoy going to classes at the gym.  I went to one Saturday morning and it felt SO good.  They have classes seven days a week so I'm hoping I can make it to three per week, but I also have the treadmill downstairs too if I can't get to the gym three times.  I'm excited to start getting back into shape and taking better care of myself.

4. Go on one family adventure per month. This past year we did not get out of the house and do things as a family.  It's hard enough with three young kids, but when you have a child with autism, it can be easy to just stay home.  Thinking about going out for dinner or to a water park as a family was just too overwhelming for me in 2016.  Tyler and I thought it would be good to find one thing each month to get out and do.  Our kids deserve it and exposing Kase to more environments and situations will be a good thing.  We already have January's adventure planned!

I'm really excited for these goals.  They're things I'm not currently doing,  but yet I know I can accomplish them.  Isn't it such a good feeling when you feel successful at something?  What are your goals for 2017?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. I had been really good at meal planning for a little bit... my tummy and my wallet thanked me! With the stress of buying a house I've definitely fallen off the track, I want to be better at it again!