January 26, 2017

A Letter to our Families

To all of our family that we were able to see over the holidays,

I know it's been more than a month since we saw you for Christmas, but I still wanted to tell all of you thank you.

Thank you for being so understanding.  Thank you for allowing us to host parties even if it meant more driving for you and your family.  Thank you for understanding that it's less stressful for us to be in our own home where Kase is comfortable. Where he can escape to his bedroom if he needs a break.  And where he can use his own potty while we were potty training.

Thank you for allowing him to climb up on your lap with no warning.

Thank you for being patient with him when he tries to drink your soda.

Thank you for helping us keep him safe when Tyler and I have to take our eyes off of him for a second.

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts.

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for encouraging us and telling us we're doing a great job.  I will never forget my grandpa holding my hand before leaving our house and with tears in his eyes telling me that he's proud of me, that I'm a great mom and that we have three amazing, happy kids.

I was really worried about the holidays.  I was worried how Kase would handle the parties, the people, the changes in his routine.  I know we have amazing people in our lives that would never judge him, but I still worry about what people will think.  It's just what I do I guess - worry.  My aunt Linda tells me I get it from Grandma Eunice.  She was a worrier too.

Christmas 2016 will be one I will never forget.  Kase opened his first present.  He talked about Santa Claus.  He sang Jingle Bells.  We had four family Christmas parties and he did great with all of them.  We are extremely blessed with such amazing families.

Thank you all SO much.  It truly means the world to us!


  1. I think my dad enjoyed having Kase climb up in his lap, they were doing window clings too :) Someone's ready to be a grandpa! lol

  2. Awww this is so awesome. You ARE an amazing mom and Tyler is an amazing dad.

    Amanda ��