January 30, 2017

A Day in the Life {January 26, 2017}

I love reading day in the life posts and I saw Elizabeth post one a couple weeks ago that inspired me to do another one.  My last one was May 8, 2015.  Wow, was life different then!

Today is Thursday, January 26th. Kyla is 6 and in Kindergarten, Kase is 4, and Kenley is 22 months.

5:30 am - Tyler wakes up to go out and shovel snow.

6:15 am - I get in the shower and then lay in bed for a few minutes to catch up on the world (blogs, social media, etc.).

6:30 am - Tyler showers and gets ready for work.

6:56 am - Kyla and Kase come out of their bedroom and they're both in great moods! :)  Kyla gets herself dressed and Tyler helps Kase.  Kyla has some milk and a few bites of a pop tart (it is a struggle to get her to eat any breakfast).  She brushes her teeth and I do her hair.

Kase has some milk while he watches the iPad. I normally would pack Kyla's lunch, but she's having hot lunch today.  I'd say she eats hot lunch about twice a week.  The other days I pack her lunch.

7:22 am - I hear Kenley wake up so I go in and get her, get her dressed and get her some milk.

7:33 am - Tyler and Kyla leave.  He drops her off at school on his way to work.  Kase and Kenley watch some cartoons (Special Agent Oso) while I dry my hair and put some makeup on.  I'm trying to drink more water so I fill up my cup!

8:06 am - Kase requests a pop tart so of course then Kenley wants one too.

8:17 am - I pack Kase's backpack and lunch, get everyone's socks and shoes on, and do Kenley's hair.

8:34 am - We're out the door to take Kase to therapy.

8:57 am - We arrive at Kase's school.

9:31 am - Kenley and I go to the post office to drop off some Etsy orders and a few things I sold on Ebay.  I planned on going to Target, which we usually do once a week while the other two are at school, but it was still snowing and the roads weren't great.

9:46 am - Kenley and I get home.  I now have a headache and realized I haven't eaten breakfast yet.  I have a bowl of Lucky Charms (breakfast of champions, I know) while Kenley colors.

10:00 am - I make my to do list on the fridge, which I do every single day.  It always says dishes and sweep, but I still like writing it and crossing it off.  I like to feel like I'm accomplishing something during the day.  I start a load of laundry in the washer.

10:07 am - Kenley and I play, we color some more, we play with Snapchat filters, we wear capes in the front, we do puzzles.  Somewhere in there she has a snack, today it was a graham cracker.

11:06 am - I change the laundry and while Kenley plays, I answer a few emails and Etsy messages.

11:35 am - We have lunch.  Today it was a chicken patty and yogurt.  And a Mountain Dew for me because my headache is getting worse.

12:05 pm - I change her diaper and put her down for a nap.  Then I clean up the kitchen from lunch and work on some of the things on my to do list.  I did the dishes, swept, mopped and then worked on some Etsy orders and new stickers we're coming out with.

1:27 pm - I change the laundry again and fold the clothes that were in the dryer, while watching/listening to some YouTube videos.

1:40 pm - I lay down and set my alarm for 2:00 because I feel so tired that I could actually fall asleep in those 20 minutes.  I got an email that I needed to reply to so I ended up just being on my phone the whole time.

2:05 pm - I get stuff ready to pick Kyla and Kase up.  Kyla's always hungry after school so I take her a snack and some milk. One of our biggest challenges right now with Kase is when we pick him up from therapy.  He will be great all day, but then does not want to walk out to the van or get in his seat.  He loves it there, but he works incredibly hard, and by the time I pick him up, he's just exhausted.  If he does a good job walking out and getting in his seat, he gets the iPad on the way home. He always asks for milk on the way home too so I always pack this thermal bag with a milk cup for everyone.

2:12 pm - I sometimes have to wake Kenley up, but this day she was already awake. I  change her diaper and get her socks and shoes on, which she will more than likely take off as soon as we're in the van.

2:20 pm - We're out the door.

2:31 pm - We arrive at Kyla's school.  She doesn't come out until about 2:45-2:50, but I get there early so I can get a close parking spot.  That way I can leave Kenley in the van and just grab Kyla.  If I don't get a close spot, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving Kenley in the van.  So it's just easier to leave a little early!

2:49 pm - Kyla comes out of school, we get in the van, she asks for her snack, Kenley sees it and then also wants a snack, Kyla gets buckled and we're on our way to get Kase.

3:13 pm - We arrive at Kase's school.  When I walk in he yells, "IT'S MOM!  HI MOM!" and my heart melts.  He walks out and gets in his seat like a champ.  He gets the iPad and milk and is a happy boy.  We head home.

3:42 pm - We get home, I get everyone in the house, and dump the backpacks, jackets, snow gear on the counter.  I take Kase potty and then go through the backpacks and clean Kase's lunchbox out.  The kids play.

4:13 pm - Kyla decides she wants to change into a nightgown to do her homework.

5:29 pm - Tyler calls and says he just left work.  I ask him to stop at Target to get a few things and then I text him a list.  Tonight it's leftovers for dinner because we have lasagna from Tuesday and pork tenderloin from last night.  Both girls choose lasagna.  Kase had one bite of lasagna and then got to have his chips (I hope to do an update on all of this soon with his eating and everything, but the fact that he took a bite of lasagna is a BIG deal).  I also have some lasagna.

5:50 pm - I clean up from dinner while the kids play and watch a show (Mickey Mouse).  At this point we are just counting down the minutes until Daddy gets home.  My head is pounding.  The kids go downstairs and play for about 10 minutes.  I fold the last load of laundry and then put it all away.  Kenley asks to color so her and Kyla color at the table.  Kase asks for the iPad again and I say yes. #dontjudge #survivalmode

6:36 pm - Tyler gets home.  Hallelujah!  He eats a quick dinner (pork tenderloin) because there are three little humans that are all demanding his attention and a wife that just wants to crawl in bed.  He plays with them for a little bit while I finish up a couple Etsy orders that need to go out tomorrow and eat an apple.

7:03 pm - We start baths.  Kyla and Kenley take one together first and then Kase is next.  Tyler does the baths and I help everyone get their pajamas on.  We put Peppa Pig on while I brush everyone's hair.  Kase asks for chips, we say no, so he asks for a cracker. We say yes.

7:32 pm - Tyler brushes Kenley's teeth, reads her a book and puts her to bed.  While he's doing that, I brush Kyla's teeth and put a diaper on Kase (he only wears a diaper at night - otherwise he's in his underwear the rest of the day...YAY!).

7:39 pm - Tyler brushes Kase's teeth and starts reading him a book.  Kyla picks out a book and gets in her bed.  Monday through Wednesday she has two books she brings home from school that she reads to us.  Thursday's they don't bring them home so tonight she wanted Tyler to read her library book, which was a Pinkalicious book.  He reads to her while I get her some water.

7:48 pm - All three kids are in bed.

7:50 pm - Kyla comes out of their room and tells me we forgot to pick out her clothes for the morning.  I go in and help her pick something out.  We say goodnight again.  I do a little bit of picking up around the house, but my headache is really bad so I decide to just go to bed.

8:03 pm - I brush my teeth, wash my face and go to bed.  Tyler stays up and watches some tv.

9:48 pm - Tyler goes to bed.

Add in diaper changes for Kenley and taking Kase potty, and that's a pretty typical day for us, minus the headache for me.  That headache ended up lasting three days.  I like to go to bed with no dirty dishes in the sink and clean counters, but some nights it just doesn't happen.  I'd say I'm usually in bed around 9:00, which is still pretty early.  Once the kids go to bed, I clean up, look at my planner and plan for the next day, do some more Etsy stuff, and go to bed.  I don't remember the last time I sat down to watch a tv show.  I like my sleep too much for that!

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  1. I love this. Thanks for sharing! Your day sounds kind of similar to mine in the fact that we do some of the same things for Kase/Mason, so it's always interesting for me to see how others run their days. I think I might do a week in the life in April for autism awareness month (without so much detail as a DITL so it's not insanely long) but I feel like it would be interesting to show someone else what a week in our life can look like with all the appts and therapies and such.