December 2, 2016

Introducing...RUBY! (Elf on the Shelf)

I know some people have some strong feelings about the whole elf on the shelf thing.  I see a lot of my Facebook friends posting their arguments against it.  For the most part, I see two common themes.

1. They don't have the time and/or energy to move it every night or think of creative ideas.

2. They don't think kids should need an elf "watching them" to be good and well behaved.

Here are my thoughts and why our elf, Ruby, will continue making her appearance at our house.

1. Sometimes I do more time consuming things with her and some nights we just move her from one place and stick her somewhere random.  Some nights it takes 5 minutes and some nights it takes about 5 seconds.  Also, Tyler helps me with it so between the two of us, it's easy to keep track of for 24 days (she comes on December 1st and is gone Christmas morning).

2. Kenley is too young to understand and Kase doesn't care or understand the concept either.  So right now it's basically all for Kyla.  And those people are right, she doesn't need an elf to be well behaved.  She is a VERY good kid.  We don't use the elf as a discipline method or a scare tactic.

We have an elf on the shelf because it's FUN.  Kyla loves it (and I will admit, Tyler and I kinda do too)! :)  I love doing special things for my kids, having fun with them, surprising them, and just making fun memories as a family.  I wish I would have captured her reaction yesterday morning when she saw Ruby was back.  She put her hands over her mouth in total surprise and then told Tyler to "Come quick, Ruby's back!"  She then put her hands over her heart and said, "I almost didn't even recognize that she was there when I woke up this morning."  Before leaving for school she went back to the table and said, "Bye Ruby.  Thanks for coming back to our house.  You're so sweet."

The excitement she shows every morning is well worth the time it takes us to move her every night.  She still talks about two years ago when Ruby put her underwear all over our Christmas tree and last year when she drew silly faces (with dry erase marker) on a framed picture of her and Kase.  Sometimes Ruby is a little naughty! :)

While I certainly don't think everyone should have an elf, I just think people need to lighten up a little bit.  It's all in good holiday fun at our house.  If you choose not to do it, I completely understand.  But we love our Ruby and all her shenanigans!

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  1. I go back and forth on how I feel about Elf on the Shelf too, luckily I don't have any kids! I see one daycare parent who is always threatening her kids with it.. and it drives me batty!