November 28, 2016

Long Overdue Life Update

Here we are again, five months since my last blog post. I truly love blogging and really wish I could keep up with it consistently. I'm not going to give you a bunch of excuses or make any promises for the future, but I felt the urge to get on today and write.

What's happened since I posted last?  Well, a lot!  Let's break it down in list form because list making is something I do best! :)

~Kyla started Kindergarten and LOVES it.  She's doing very well and has an amazing teacher. I'm able to volunteer in her classroom once a month, which we both really enjoy.

~Kyla lost (aka pulled out) her first tooth.  There should be more coming out very soon!

~Kase started with a new therapy provider August 1st.  He's no longer receiving therapy at home, but instead goes into the clinic.  It's very much like a preschool, but obviously he's getting the intense treatment that he needs.

Is that not the cutest "Cheese" face you've ever seen?
~Kase turned 4 in August and he got a bouncy house at his party and this awesome riding toy as a gift.  He isn't interested in driving it yet, but he loves when his big sister takes him around the yard.

~Kenley is growing up way too fast.  She has a hilarious personality.  I love spending every day with her!

I couldn't find a recent picture of just her that isn't a blur.  I will work on that!
~The Packers have been a disappointment so far this season, but hopefully the Badgers can make up for it by winning the Big Ten championship game and get into the 4-team playoff.  We love football around here, in case you were wondering! :)

~We've done parades, zoos, pumpkin patches, carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating, had two Thanksgiving get-togethers with family, decorated for Christmas, and probably a bunch in between that I'm leaving out.

~We love Snapchat and have WAY too much fun on it.

What have you all been up to?

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