May 12, 2016

Stitch Fix #2

I had seen a few friends post on Facebook about Stitch Fix and was always intrigued, but I didn't really get too interested until last month when a couple blog friends started sharing about it.  So I hopped on the Stitch Fix train and scheduled my first fix.

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, you should definitely check it out.  You fill out a pretty detailed survey so they know your sizes and style, plus you can create a Pinterest board for your stylist to check out.  You can let them know what kinds of things you're looking to get and also let them know things you don't want.  Then the stylist does the shopping for you!  You get five items sent to you, along with some product information, a pricing sheet and a self-addressed bag for you to send the items that you don't want back.  I think that's one of my favorite parts - how easy it is to send the stuff back!  Plus they have a super easy app that makes everything really quick and easy!

You pay a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase something, that $20 goes toward an item.  If you happen to love all five things and keep them all, you get a 25% discount.  If you don't keep anything, you're only out $20 styling fee.

If you want to check it out, this link will take you there and will also give me a referral credit, which would be awesome! :)

I don't have pictures of my first one because at that point I wasn't blogging again.  Although I only kept one shirt, I was pleased with it.  I can't remember my stylists name (sorry!) but she was pretty spot on with my style.  I really liked a pair of skinny jeans and they fit perfectly, but they were $68 and I had some very similar.  I just couldn't spend that much on something that I already have.  She also sent a pair of black skinny jeans, which were too tight.  Then she sent three shirts.  One was cute, but not really my style and kind of reminded me of my grandma in the sleeves (sorry, Grandma!).  One was long sleeve, fit well and was really cute in the front, but it had like an open split back, which I wasn't too big of a fan of so I sent it back.  And then this is the shirt I kept...

(borrowed a picture from Google)
As soon as I got that fix I scheduled my next one!  I requested no pants since I'm good on pants.  I requested a maxi dress and then a couple tank tops to go with skinny jeans.  My stylist this time was Rachael.

Before this fix came, I created a board on my Pinterest for my stylist.  While doing that, I found this shirt that I really liked so I decided to put it in my request and see if she'd send it.  And she did.  I was really happy she actually took my request seriously.

(Disclaimer - all pictures were taken by my 5 year old with my iPhone.  I will try to do better next time, but I ran out of time this week!)

Pixley | Panorama Henley Blouse | Size: L

Since I requested this one, I had high hopes for it.  It's cute and comfortable and I feel like I could wear it casually on just a normal day as a full time mom or dress it up if we have something going on.  Sorry the first picture is so blurry!

Verdict?  Kept it!

Renee C | Leida Crew Neck Blouse | Size L

I actually really like this one on the styling card.  My main problem with it is that it's short.  I like my shirts long.  I also wasn't crazy about the split in the back.  I like longer shirts with skinny jeans.  It's just what I feel comfortable in.  This one was just way cuter on the card and didn't feel or look right on me.  Granted, I tried it on with the same jeans because my white skinny jeans were in the washer, but I still don't think I would have liked it enough to keep it.

Verdict:  Returned it

Market & Spruce | Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan | Size: L

I could use a good cardigan so I was excited about this.  It was really soft and really comfortable and I liked that the sleeves were plenty long.  You can't really tell in the picture, but as the name of the product states, there is an asymmetrical zipper.  It's just not necessary and it kind of threw me off.  I was on the fence about this because I really do want a nice cardigan, but this just isn't it.  I don't need the zipper feature.  I just want a cute, comfy basic cardigan.

Verdict:  Returned it

Gilli | Mitchel Knit Maxi Dress

I really liked this dress.  I liked the colors and I was very specific about the type of top I wanted.  She nailed that part.  I'm not crazy about the opening in the back, although it wasn't a deal breaker.  However, my daughter did tell me that I should not wear dresses with holes in them.  I'll remember that :)  I was surprised that my husband liked this.  I do think it'd be super cute with a jean jacket, which I don't have (yet).  The one downfall was the mid-section area.  I still have some baby belly to lose and I felt like the grey stripe just fell in a really bad spot.  I felt self conscious about it.  Normally I like to wear some type of tank top under things to help me feel more "tight" in that area, but with the open back in this dress, that wasn't an option.  I feel like if it was a darker color in that area, it would have made a big difference.  I kind of wanted to keep it as motivation to start working out and lose some belly, but I just couldn't pay for a dress I can't wear right away.  So...

Verdict:  Returned it

Moda Luxe |Palermo Stitch Detail Clutch

I'll be honest, I was kind of annoyed with this one.  I didn't specifically say I didn't want purses and/or clutches, but I didn't request one either.  I said I'd like a maxi dress and shirts.  So I felt like I lost out on another shirt for this clutch.  There's not really anything wrong with it, it's just not my style.  I'm a stay at home mom and I'm looking for some casual items for every day.  If I have something going on where I need a clutch like this, I would request it.  But I just don't think it made sense for me and my profile.

Verdict: Returned it

Overall I was excited I got the top that I requested and I ended up liking it on.  I definitely plan on scheduling another fix!  Another nice thing is that you can have it set up to automatically send you your next one or you can request it when you're ready.  I think I'll schedule another one for sometime in June.

This fix also made me realize that I am extremely pale and need to get out in the sun asap! :)

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  1. Your fix was great!!! You got some good stuff. LOVE the shirt that you kept! I do love the dress and think you look great, but definitely the right choice not to keep it if you didn't feel 100% comfortable. Bummer they sent you a clutch instead of another shirt too. It's cute but like you said, i don't know where I'd ever use it.