May 5, 2016

My name is Amy and I'm a planner addict.

Did you notice anything different around here?  My friend Erin over at Love, Fun and Football worked her magic and updated some things and changed my headers.  If you ever need any blog designing done, she is your girl!

So now that I have a dedicated header for it, I have to admit to all of you that I am a major planner nerd.  Like, four different planners, tons of planner stickers, spend my Friday nights sitting at my desk planning type of planner nerd.  I don't actually use all four planners at one time (I do use two though), but it's good to have options right?

The two that I currently use are my Erin Condren hourly life planner and my Kikki K personal planner.

I use my Kikki K (I have the cobalt blue) on the go and take it with me everywhere.  With the number of hours of therapy Kase has combined with all our other appointments and school stuff, I need to have it all with me so I know when I'm scheduling something when we are free.  My inserts are from Sew Much Crafting on Etsy.  I love how I can customize everything!

I use my Erin Condren hourly at home and it usually stays open on my desk.  I pre-plan and decorate before the week starts, but then I fill things in as each day goes by.  Here's what this week currently looks like...

I know that most people don't really get the whole planning thing, but to me it's just a fun hobby.  There's just nothing more relaxing after a long day than to sit at my desk and decorate my planner.  Or meet a friend (and fellow planner nerd) at the coffee shop on a Saturday morning with our planners and favorite pens.

So tell me, do you plan?  If so, what planner do you use?  Do you decorate or just use pen and paper?  I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already, make sure you follow along on Instagram @planincolor for all kinds of fun planner stuff! :)


  1. I love my plum paper planner! It's basically just like EC but I like mine to cover the school year rather than calendar year. I've learned I can't really do a ton with stickers because my days change at work minute to minute so it ends up being a mess with all the cancellations and additions during the day...but I do add basic stickers so it's a little happier when I open it up! 😊

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  3. I LOVE your planner pictures!!! They are so fun! I would totally order like every planner sticker if I could! My problem is that I LOVE my Erin Condren planner but it's a pain in the you know where to take with me places. I really need a smaller one but I love this one so much. I try to upload all our appts in my phone too but I SWEAR it deletes things and I don't overly trust it. But I haven't found a smaller planner that I like like my EC one yet :(