May 17, 2016

Chore Chart for my 5 Year Old

Kyla has always loved helping me around the house.  She's constantly asking if she can do dishes or sweep the floor.  For the most part, she's a huge help.  Her sweeping skills need a little work as it usually makes a bigger mess than we started with, but she's trying!  So awhile back I decided to get this super easy chore chart for her that she could keep track of each week.  I got it on Amazon.

These are the chores she has every week that we keep track of, but she also helps a ton with just picking up around the house.

She gets $1 at the end of each week if she completes all of her chores.  It's been a great lesson in working hard and saving her money.

She's trying to collect all of the Disney princess dolls from Target.  They are $8.99 each so it's taking her several weeks to get enough money.  It was a hard concept for her to grasp at first, but now she knows when she gets $9, she can decide if that's what she wants to spend her money on.

Those (plus Merida, who was in her sister's room at the time) were all gifts.  She really wants Cinderella next!

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