May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

Well, our weekend didn't go as planned.

Friday the kids and I met Tyler for a picnic at the park again.  It was so nice out and the kids had a blast.  The park by his work has a huge sandbox so I promised them last time that they could play in it the next time we went.  There were a couple other kids there, including a little girl that Kyla made friends with.  They were very sad when it was time to go home!

In the middle of the night Friday I started feeling sick.  I was in the middle of breastfeeding Kenley and had to put her down quick to throw up.  I ended up throwing up two more times that morning.  I felt awful.  I had a fever, chills and the worst body aches ever.  My lower back was throbbing.

Warning - if you don't like talk about breasts and/or breastfeeding or think it's TMI, you can skip this part.  But this blog is about being a mommy and this just comes along with the territory.

Carrying on...while having all those other fun symptoms, my right breast was hurting really bad.  I couldn't even turn over in bed it hurt so bad.  But I thought it was just full and I needed to pump.  But yet it wasn't full at all.  Later that morning, I thought to look at it more and sure enough, it was really red.  Ugh.  It was infected and I knew it.  I was so mad.  I headed to urgent care and they confirmed it and gave me two different antibiotics.  One for the infection and one for my nausea so that I could keep the meds down.  I have to take it 4 times a day for 10 days.  Lovely.  This is after my c-section incision getting infected and I just ended the antibiotic for that last Tuesday.  The doctor said the two likely aren't related.  I am just THAT lucky.

Unfortunately, we had to miss my niece's birthday party.  Kyla was really sad so my mom came and picked her up and took her along.  Kase stayed home with us since he still likes to take off and not listen to anyone when they tell him to come back so they would have just been chasing him all over the neighborhood.  Plus he still really needs his naps.  He was happy to have some 1 on 1 time with Daddy!

Kyla stayed the night at my mom's, which was the first time sleeping over at someone's house by herself.  She did awesome.  I had no doubt since she absolutely loves my mom and Brian.  But it was kind of sad packing her bag and sending her off for the night.  Especially since I don't think she missed us one bit.  Little stinker! :)

I started feeling better yesterday, but tried to take it easy all day.  My mom and step dad brought Kyla home and then we had a pretty lazy Sunday.  The kids got to play outside so after all 3 had baths, everyone went to bed great.  Kenley even slept until 4:00 this morning!  Unfortunately it didn't mean uninterrupted sleep for Tyler and I.  Kyla is terrified of thunderstorms so she came in and slept with us around 12:30.  I can't be mad at her though since I was always scared of them growing up too (ok, I might still be a little scared once in awhile).

Kenley is sleeping (finally) and the other two are finishing lunch.  Hopefully everyone, including Mama, can get a little nap in today!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Oh no, Amy! I'm so sorry to hear this! I think I saw that you had posted on IG that you had an infection and I assumed it was for the c-section again. You poor thing! Hopefully you get some rest and everything heals up quickly!

  2. You poor Mama! :( So sorry to hear all that you've been dealing with!! Thinking of you guys xo

  3. No fun! You've had a string of bad luck!