May 11, 2015

Operation Lose Baby Weight

I gained about 50 pounds of that awesomeness while pregnant with Kenley.  And since I had my six week postpartum check last week, it's time to start focusing on losing it!

These aren't the greatest pictures, but I thought it was important to post some "before" shots.  Hopefully that will be motivation to work hard and be able to show off some awesome "after" shots later.

As you can tell, I still have quite the belly.  I'd say I'm probably rocking the 6 month pregnant look.  I wear sweats all the time, and if I need to wear jeans, it is maternity jeans.  None of my regular shirts fit either.  I know some people think it's awful to share your weight with people, but I don't think it's that big of a deal and it's extra motivation.  Before getting pregnant, I was 150.  I wasn't in the best shape.  But it is what it is.  So I got to about 200 by the end.  I never actually saw that awful "2" on the scale, but I know it was there.

Currently I am 169 (and I'm 5'8").  So I have lost about 30 pounds without doing anything really except for breastfeeding.  But I have a long ways to go!

Let's get to my goals!

My goal weight is 145 pounds.  I don't really have a time frame for that.  I'm going to work on my goals and whenever I get there is fine.  I am not stressing over it.

Drink half my body weight in water.  That is 84.5 oz of water every day.  I drink bottled water a lot (We live in the country and have a well...I will drink it if I have to, but don't like to.  Tyler hates this).  Each bottle that I drink has 16.9 oz so I am trying to drink 5 bottles a day.  I started putting them on the counter each day after I drink them (rather than just throwing them in the recycling bin) so I can visually see them throughout the day.  It has really helped.

Start exercising slowly, starting with walking.  I had a c-section, have had some complications since then, a couple infections and some breastfeeding issues.  I cannot just go right into working out like crazy.  I used to do classes at the gym, which I'm excited to get back to some day, but I know my body just can't handle that right now.  I am just trying to do a lot of walking.  Between walking with the kids outside and downstairs on the treadmill, I'm hoping I can keep up with this one!

Track my steps.  I'm not really sure what a good goal for me is right now.  I know most people shoot for 10,000 steps every day.  I'm thinking maybe I will go for 8,000 for now.  But again, I have NO idea if this is realistic.  I've never tracked my steps before.  I'd love to get a Fit Bit (or something similar), but don't have anything yet.  What do you all have?  I'd love some suggestions!  I feel like I need to track my steps for a day first and see where I'm at because I have no idea.  And then create a goal from there.

Track my calories.  I started using the Lose It app again.  It helped me lose weight after having Kase so I'm doing it again.  I think it's just important to see exactly what I'm eating every day.  The downside is I don't think there's a way to account for breastfeeding, but it's still really helpful information.

Eat healthier (captain obvious, right?).  I have never been a healthy eater.  I'm never going to be the perfect eater.  But I can definitely do A LOT better.  It's hard right now to make good meals since Kenley is so needy and wanting to be held all the time.  It's just easiest to put in a freezer meal or something quick.  But I'm hoping soon I can get into a meal planning routine and start making better dinners for our family.  I have started eating some healthier snacks.  Like a banana or string cheese or yogurt instead of chips or a brownie.  And maybe not donuts for breakfast :)  There are definitely some easy changes I can make that I think will make a big difference.

Limit my soda intake.  Ugh, soda.  I am so bad with soda.  I'm drinking caffeine free since I'm breastfeeding, but I have about a can a day.  I'm going to start with a goal of 4 cans a week.  It's just not realistic to cut it out completely right now.  This one is just a constant struggle for me.

Be patient.  Like I said, I don't have a specific time frame that I want to be to my goal weight.  I am going to weigh myself once a week, but also remember that this isn't all going to happen in a month.

So, there it is.  I'm excited to start this new weight loss journey and just live a healthier lifestyle overall.  I'm also excited I have this little blog to keep me accountable!

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  1. You have good goals! It took me a good 6 months after Mason was born to get back into the weight loss game -- I tried, but it didn't click for a while.