April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I'm posting super late tonight, but I saw this link-up and thought it would be a good way to share what's going on with us lately.  Kyla and Kase are in bed and Tyler is hanging out with Kenley before she eats for the last time before bed.

What we're eating... Let's keep it real here.  I have a needy 5 week old baby and two toddlers.  I am not making any amazing meals lately.  My kids love having breakfast for dinner so we've had pancakes a few times lately.  Last night we had a freezer meal that my sister-in-law made.  Tonight was leftovers.  I have made shredded chicken in the crockpot a couple times, which is super easy and really good.  We just eat it in sandwiches.  Hopefully soon I can start making some good (and hopefully some new) meals.

What I'm reminiscing about... sleeping a full night.  Between a newborn and terrible sleep during pregnancy, it seems like forever ago that I got a good night of sleep!

What I'm loving... the weather!  It's been in the 60's, perfect to get out and get some fresh air!

What we've been up to... I'm actually planning on doing a "day in the life" post soon.  I've done a couple in the past and it's always fun to see what life was like back when I only had one baby or when Kase was born, etc.  So you can look for that soon.  But we've been pretty boring here, not leaving the house much.  I feel like I breastfeed all day.  And we're still all trying to adjust to life as a family of 5.  We have some good days and some bad.

What I'm dreading... Cleaning/organizing the kids toy room(s).  Kenley's room has turned into a toy room since she's sleeping in our room and then there is a toy room downstairs.  Both are such a disaster and full of toys.  We plan on going through and selling and/or donating a bunch.  We have SO many!  I'm not looking forward to doing it, but it needs to be done.  I'm not sure when Kenley will move to her room, but I'd like to get it somewhat ready.

What I'm working on... Finding some type of routine.  Kenley likes to be held 24/7 so I'm trying to figure out a balance.  I'm also working on finishing some house projects.  We finally bought a few big pictures for our bare walls.  It's finally starting to become really homey (after almost a year of living here).

What I'm excited about... the weekend!  Kyla asks almost every night if tomorrow is Saturday because she knows Daddy doesn't have to go to work on Saturday's.  We all love when he's home, but she is such a Daddy's girl and doesn't leave his side on the weekends.

What I'm watching/reading... I have American Idol on, but I'm not really watching it.  I watched Survivor while I ironed some of Tyler's work clothes tonight.  I'm rooting for Mike to win!  I used to read for myself, but ever since having kids I really haven't found the time.  I would like to start again, but the free time I have is usually at night and sleep is just more important at the moment.

What I'm listening to... Some dude singing.  I haven't followed this season at all, but I like to have something on in the background.

What I'm wearing... a tank top and lounge pants.  My typical wardrobe.  Tank tops are easiest when I'm breastfeeding so unless I go out in the public somewhere, that's usually what I have on.

What I'm doing this weekend... My niece is having her 7th birthday party Saturday night so we'll be going to that.  Otherwise, just hanging out, hopefully getting outside with the kids, and getting some stuff done around the house (like those dreaded toy rooms).

What I'm looking forward to next month... My six week post partum appointment next week, hopefully a weekend (or day) at the farm and Memorial Day weekend.

What else is new... Not a whole lot!  Just trying to get through this stage where it feels like each day we're just surviving!

What I'm giving (or what I want) for Mother's Day... we just get both of our moms a card.  Hopefully they both know how much we love them and thank them for everything they do.  And I kind of already bought myself something, haha.  I have been eyeing up a new diaper bag so I pulled the plug and ordered it yesterday.  Tyler has surprised me with flowers a few times in the last couple months, which I always love.  My sister-in-law and I are going to get pedicures next weekend so that will be part of my gift too.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  Kenley is going to need to eat soon and then I need to get to bed!  But I can't leave you without one, so here is my sweet girl at 1 month old!

Hopefully I'll be back next week with that day in the life post!


  1. She is just so stinkin' cute, Amy! What diaper bag are you looking at?

  2. Your baby girl is precious!!! I'm totally dreading cleaning out bedrooms and the playroom!