April 13, 2015

The first 3 weeks and Easter 2015

Well, we've survived our first three weeks as a family of 5!  I've made it two weeks with Tyler back at work and me home with all three little ones.  It's been hard, but I feel like it's getting a little easier each day.

Kenley had her two week appointment last Tuesday and is around the 90th percentile for everything.  She was 9 lbs 13 oz so I'm sure she is 10 pounds by now.  You wouldn't guess it when you see her though.  She still seems so teeny tiny!  She's doing great though.  She LOVES to be held and HATES to be put down.  I can usually get about 5 minutes in her swing before she is screaming.  This makes getting anything done very difficult!  Sometimes, as much as it breaks my heart, I have to let her cry for a bit.  You know, because I have those two other kids to take care of.  Once in awhile they need lunch or a new diaper or just 5 minutes of Mama's time.

Cooking and cleaning have been very scarce around here during the day.  I try to catch up on the house stuff when Tyler gets home.  It's actually kind of a nice break.  Freezer meals have been popular and thankfully my sweet mom and sister-in-law made meals for us that we have been enjoying.

I went to my doctor last Wednesday and my incision looks great and I feel like I'm slowly starting to look like I had the baby already and not like 6 months pregnant.  I still have pain once in awhile when I do too much.  I sometimes forget this recovery is much different (and much slower) than with the other two.  I'm really looking forward to my 6 week checkup so I can start getting outside with the kids for walks.  When I need to get out of the house, I pack everyone up and go for a ride.  But holy cow, that is a process!  Kenley isn't a huge fan of riding in the van yet.

Cheering on our Badgers!
I am breastfeeding and she eats pretty much every two hours.  Up until two nights ago she was eating every 2-3 hours at night too.  By the time I get her back to sleep, I get about an hour of sleep before she is up again.  But (knock on wood), the last two nights she ate at 10:00 pm, 2:00 am, and then 6:00 am.  Three straight hours of sleep is amazing!  Tyler has been giving her a bottle at the 6:00 am feeding so I can get a little more sleep before Kyla and Kase get up.

Kyla has been a big help (sometimes too much) and is absolutely obsessed with her baby sister.  She loves to pick out her clothes, hold her, help Tyler feed her bottles, and smother her with hugs and kisses.  Kase has pretty much ignored her altogether.  A couple times he has gone over to the swing while she's in it and given her a good push.  But otherwise he has not gone near her.  He gets upset when he can't crawl up on my lap while I'm feeding her.  And he's had a hard time accepting that I can't pick him up.  I try to give him some extra attention at night when Tyler is home.  He loves to snuggle on my lap before bed.

I got Kenley's newborn pictures taken when she was a week old.  She refused to sleep though so we didn't get many.  She caught her blinking in this one so it looks like she was sleeping :)

We've been trying to get Kyla and Kase outside as much as possible at night since I can't really take them all outside yet.  I'm looking forward to it warming up a little so I can take Kenley out with them.

I'm combining this post with Easter because everyone here is napping and who knows when I'll have a chance to get on here again!

Every Easter we go to my mom and step dad's for lunch and an egg hunt.  We weren't sure if we would go this year, but everyone was feeling well and we wanted Kyla and Kase to get to do the egg hunt.  I knew they'd love it.  Each year it gets more fun watching them run around the yard screaming that they found one.  Kase really just liked running around.  Tyler helped him find the eggs and Kase enjoyed putting them in his basket.  Kyla had an absolute blast!

I got my good camera out (first time in a long time!) and while looking through the pictures, I thought all the pictures looked kind of funny.  I then realized my camera was on a weird setting the whole time.  How annoying!  But anyway, here are some that I wanted to share and have to look back on some day.

My attempt at a cousins picture before they took off running.  Kase was clearly not interested.

Each egg had a name on it so she's checking to see if it's for her.

"It says KYLA!"

Tyler was busy chasing Kase around and helping him find his eggs.

Kyla and Grandpa looking for the missing eggs

The weather was beautiful!

High five for Daddy!

I can't believe how close they are in height!  Gianna is almost 7, but so petite!

Sun was a little bright :)

Haha, love this one of Gianna!
It never fails that we all spend 20 minutes outside looking for the missing egg or two.  This year was no different.  Grandpa will probably find them when he mows the yard.  It's such a fun tradition every year!

The Easter bunny was very good to us!

Kyla got some Littlest Pet Shop stuff, shoes, gum, an Anna doll, and a couple peanut butter eggs.  Kase got a Brewers outfit, some cars, a dump truck, some puzzles and some peanut butter eggs.  Kenley got a couple stuffed animals, a book and a rattle toy.

The baby's awake and ready to eat!  Hopefully I'll be back with another post soon!


  1. Loved catching up with you and your family. Sounds like you are doing a great job, momma! I love reading about Kase because he is so much like Leland right now, ha!

  2. Your family is so beautiful! :) I'm glad to hear things are going pretty well and getting easier every day! I'm sure it's a huge adjustment but you are doing awesome!

  3. 1) Kenley is adorable
    2) when I think about her cuteness I will reread this post because it brought back memories of the work of new babies lol
    3) should have fedex'd her to me for pics...so far I've never had a newborn I couldn't get to sleep! Hehe....her blinking one is presh though ♡
    4) I was going to say the same thing about them being so close in height!!!