April 3, 2015

Kenley's Birth Story

I share my babies birth stories on this blog because they are days and moments that I want to remember forever.  Of course I will never forget them, but 20 years from now I probably won't remember the little details and our feelings.  Plus I think it will be neat for the kids to read some day rather than us just telling them about the days they entered this world.

You can read Kyla's birth story HERE and Kase's HERE.  It was fun to read them again myself!

Warning - This is really long, but again, it is my personal account of Kenley's story and I included the details I could remember.  And as you will see, it all happened extremely fast so there really was no time for pictures.

After having contractions for over a week and being told I was dilated to 3 cm for a week and a half, I finally felt like it was the real deal late Friday, the 20th of March.  I took a shower and went to bed around 11:00 with the contractions continuing and getting stronger.  I hate that feeling of not knowing when it's time to head to the hospital.  I always feared going in and having them send us home.  But my problem was my mom is an hour away and then we have another half hour to the hospital.  So I couldn't wait TOO long and risk not getting there on time since I had an hour and a half to get there.  I also didn't want to call my mom to come over and then have the contractions stop, like they had done for several days before.

Around 3:45 am, I decided it was time to call her.  Her and my step dad were here by about 4:45 and we were out the door by 5:00.

One last pregnancy picture before we left!

We arrived at the hospital around 5:30 and got hooked up to the monitors and had a cervical check.  Still only 3 cm.  I was SO disappointed!  My contractions were strong, but not the crazy intense can't talk or walk kind.  I immediately got emotional (blame it on the hormones) and thought for sure they'd be sending us home.

After being monitored for about an hour, the nurse came in and said my doctor wanted me to get an IV.  The baby's heart rate was dropping with every contractions and they thought maybe I was dehydrated.  20 minutes later she came in and had me flip over to lay on my right side, hoping that would help Kenley's heart rate.  She said they were really worried about the baby and I would not be going home.  I was too scared at that point to be excited about not going home.

My doctor came in at 7:30 and broke the bad news.  I needed a c-section.  I did not want this at all and immediately started crying.  I obviously wanted what was best for the baby, but I just wasn't expecting this.  My first two pregnancies were so similar and everything went so smoothly and exactly how I expected.  He explained that my baby was not handling the contractions well at all.  They could give me something to make them faster and stronger, but if she couldn't handle them at that point, he was very confident that she would not handle them as I progressed.  He said there was no doubt it would end in a c-section regardless.

As he was explaining all this, he was also watching her heart rate on the monitor.  At 7:30 am, he said to the nurse, "OK, we need to go NOW!"  Within minutes, there were about 5 more people in the room, including two anesthesiologists who were explaining what they would do and how the surgery would go.  I couldn't even concentrate on what they were saying because everyone else in the room was talking and getting me ready.  It was pretty chaotic.  They bumped another planned c-section so I could get in right away.  Before we knew it, I was being wheeled to the operating room and Tyler was taken away to get dressed in his scrubs.

While they were getting me ready and about to do my spinal, I could not stop shaking.  My legs were shaking uncontrollably.  I was so scared.  I knew c-sections were so common and safe, but it all happened so fast.  Looking back, it was probably a good thing it happened so fast so I didn't have more time to think about it.

I had the spinal and was all set.  They brought Tyler in and had strict instructions to not tell us what was happening and definitely not show him anything (he has a VERY weak stomach).  I was very worried that he may not be able to be in there with me.  But he did amazing and was so supportive.  They told us everything would take about 45 minutes.  I really didn't feel much except for some tugging and pressure when they took her out.  And I got some weird pain in my shoulders.  They gave me some pain medicine for that, which then made me throw up.  But overall, it went well.

At 8:21 am, Kenley Lynn was born.  It took a couple minutes, but we finally heard her cry.  They talked about how cute she was and how much hair she had.  I couldn't wait to see her!  But she had swallowed some meconium and had to have a tube put down her throat to get it all out before it went into her lungs.  I couldn't believe how fast it all happened.  We were told later that my doctors (they were in the middle of a shift change so two of them were in there doing the surgery) did it all start to finish in 22 minutes.

This was our first picture of our sweet girl.  Tyler took this while I was still in the OR and he was waiting for me in recovery.

We spent about an hour in recovery where Tyler and I just kept looking at each other, and at Kenley, amazed at what just happened.  This is where I finally got to hold her and breastfeed for the first time.  She latched on like a champ!

My doctor came to talk to us and let us know that they weren't positive why her heart was decelerating so much.  They think her swallowing the meconium was a result of being under stress, not the cause of it.  They sent my placenta off to pathology because they think that was the cause.  I go in next week for a checkup so maybe I will find out the results.  I'm anxious to know, but really it doesn't matter.  I trusted my doctors with their decision.  And we now have our healthy little girl home with us.

We could not be happier.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  Our family of 5!

Such a bad picture, but yet I love it so much!
Since this post is already really long, I will do a separate one with how we are all adjusting now that we're home and Tyler is back to work!


  1. Amy, thanks for sharing your birth story! It was fun to read! So thankful that your sweet girl got here safely and that you are doing well too, momma! Congrats! <3

  2. I love every bit of this! So impressed that you snapped a pic on your way out the door too! So thankful she arrived safe and healthy. She is perfect!!

  3. Congratulations again, friend!! You are a rockstar and I'm so glad everyone is healthy and good now. I'm sure that was a scary experience, especially with everything happening so fast! Kenley is just as cute as can be!!