March 9, 2015

Life Lately

Here's a little life update since I haven't blogged in awhile.  Sorry, it's a little wordy!

In one of my last posts I mentioned that she didn't pass the eye exam at her 4 year appointment so we were referred to an eye doctor.  She went a couple weeks ago and it's looking like she is taking after me with her eyes.  She will definitely be needing glasses.  She did pretty good with the exam, but it wasn't a pediatric eye doctor and the exam was pretty long and she got tired.  So they didn't get a completely accurate idea of what her prescription would be.  But the doctor said she is showing many signs of nearsightedness.  Since she is home with me right now and not in school, we are going to wait until this fall to test her again.  Glasses at this point won't really help her (other than maybe to see the TV better), but she doesn't need to read the board or anything yet.  So I don't want to get her glasses that aren't the exact right prescription.  But it's just a matter of time.  I do plan on taking her to a pediatric doctor next time because I'm hoping it will be a bit more comforting for her.  It's a good thing she knows her letters and numbers.  I'm not sure what they would have done otherwise!

I have been wanting to get her in some kind of class for awhile now.  I finally set up a 3-class trial where she can try a sports class, dance, and gymnastics.  She did the sports class on Saturday and LOVED it.  She did so awesome.  She was such a good listener and did exactly what the teacher told her.  I think she will always be the teacher pleaser.  She will try the dance class tomorrow night and then gymnastics next week.  We'll probably let her choose which one she likes best and hopefully get her enrolled.

She's getting really impatient with this baby.  She wants her here NOW!  I can't wait to see how she'll be with her baby sister.  She is awesome with Kase (most of the time) and loves to help out.  She really is the nicest, sweetest girl.  She was talking to my belly last night and said, "Baby (name), please come out this week, your big sister wants to meet you!  And it's Kyla!"

Silly girl!
I also mentioned in a previous post that Kase was being referred for a birth to 3 program for his speech.  We had his evaluation two weeks ago and decided to go ahead with some therapy.  He had his first session last Monday.  I am really torn about all of this.  Kyla was pretty much at this same point as far as being delayed with her speech at this age.  And one day she just started talking in sentences and now talks really well.  But I know every kid is different and if they can get him going a little quicker, I definitely want what is best for him.  The problem?  They come to the house (which is awesome), and want to sit on the floor and play with him.  They want to get him talking about what he's doing and interacting with them while he plays.  Well, Kase wants nothing to do with them.  He likes to play, but not do what they tell him to do.  I have to imagine it's kind of normal, but I just wonder if it's worth them coming when I'm already doing the same things with him.  It took him about 15 minutes to finally get used to the two ladies.  He then played some and did great with imitating words and initiating things, but then was off running around and wanting to do his own thing again.  Typical kid, right?  So anyway, they come back next week (depending on what baby decides to do before then) and we'll see how it goes then.  Tyler and I are working hard with him and he has made great strides just in the last month.  I really believe he is going to take off with his speech really soon.

In other Kase news, he moved from his crib to a regular bed about a month ago and has been doing awesome!  So we decided last weekend to make the big move into Kyla's room.  They are officially roommates and are loving it!  They have done really well at night.  A few giggles and conversations, but within 10 minutes, they are both sound asleep.  Since Kyla doesn't nap anymore (except the occasional nap on the couch), he gets the room to himself for naps.  He is still napping for about 3 hours and often goes and sleeps in Kyla's bed.  She gets a big kick out of it.  She told me the other night before bed that her bed was itching her so she needed to sleep with Kase, haha.  I don't think so sweetheart!

I have slowly been organizing their room since I took this picture.
Kase is still as picky as ever with his eating and really testing us with his listening.  The terrible two's are in full force here!  He's still cute as ever though!

He is busy with work and when he's not there, he's busy taking care of all of us.  Seriously, I got SO lucky with him.  He is more than ready for this baby to be here and for me to not be pregnant anymore.  He has pulled more than his weight, that's for sure.  He deserves a vacation!  But that can't happen because I need him! :)

I am 38 weeks tomorrow and feeling ok.  I've thrown up a few times in the last couple weeks and the usual aches and pains, but overall, I'm doing ok.  I randomly get bursts of energy where I get stuff done around the house.  Yesterday Tyler and I packed our bags (as much as we could).  The baby's bag is packed and the big brother and big sister gifts are ready!

I got Kyla Connect 4 because she loves to play games and I thought it would be a good one for her to play with grandma and grandpa while we're in the hospital.  Kase got some dinosaurs.  They both got Finding Nemo and their favorite treats.  I will have these gifts at the hospital when they come to visit their baby sister!

I also ordered them this cardboard house to color and play in.  I think they're going to love it!

I hate that we'll be away from them for 2+ days, but it's reassuring knowing they are in good hands.

After Kyla's class on Saturday we went and got new phones.  Tyler and I were both way overdue for new ones.  We decided on the iPhone 6 and so far, it seems fine.  I don't do too much on my phone, other than Facebook, Instagram and take pictures of the kids.  The camera seems much better on this one!

I go to the doctor on Wednesday.  Last week I was 1 cm dilated, which basically means nothing.  I am feeling lots of pressure and pain, but nothing consistent yet.  Tyler is predicting we will have a baby by this weekend.  I would love that!

I treated myself to some highlights and a trim.  I figured it might be awhile before I do it after the baby comes and it was nice to get pampered a little.

I also bought myself some new Converse shoes.  I considered them my push present :)

Happy Monday everyone!  We are having temps in the 40's and 50's this week and all our snow is almost gone!  Yay for Spring!  I hope my next post will be a baby announcement! :)


  1. I'm so excited for you and your sweet little family! Can't wait to hear of baby girl's arrival and am dying to know her name!! Joey sounds a lot like Kase; not listening, super picky eater, wants to do his own thing. I feel like with boys, the experts jump the gun a lot on their speech. I think boys just naturally do stuff later than girls. All my friends who had boys have had late(r) talkers, and they all ended up just fine. Anyway, love the highlights and shoes! Won't be long now, hang in there and sleeeeeeeep! ;-)

  2. A lot of new stuff going on for you guys! Can't wait to see the new baby ...good luck!

  3. Tyler thinks this weekend?! AGH! How exciting!!! I can't believe you are so close! I can't wait to hear the news, Amy! You look so great!

    Leland is not talking much either. They were concerned about that at his high-risk screening, but I know it will take off when he's ready.

    Kyla will be such a great big sister again! So cute how she is talking to baby. :)

    Have a great week and get lots of rest!!

  4. Kase not talking sounds a lot like Aaron. Allison did most of the talking, he never had to! When she went to kindergarten, he was full of stories :) Good luck and keep us posted :)