March 31, 2015

Introducing Kenley Lynn

Most of you that read this blog follow me on Facebook or Instagram so you know that we had our baby girl, but I wanted to officially welcome Kenley to our little blog.

Born March 21, 2015
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches
Lots of brown hair

One of these days I want to get her birth story typed up and shared on here too.  It was MUCH different than my other two!  But now that Tyler is back to work and the craziness has begun with three little ones, who knows when that will happen.  I do really want to continue blogging, but it may be pretty random for awhile.

We are so in love with our little girl and she is the perfect addition to our family!


  1. CONGRATS!!! :) She is perfect!

  2. Congrats!! So exciting! It took forever for me to sit down and write birth stories for either of my girls! Completely worth the wait though- baby snuggles and chasing older siblings is definitely the best!