January 20, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday's - Organization

Yes, I realize this is going to make me sound like a huge dork.  But I love organization and I love reading about other people's organization even more.  There are some awesome blogs out there that I am obsessed with and have gotten many ideas from.  So I was really excited to see Andrea's Show & Tell Tuesday link up was all about organization today!

I don't really have any top secret tips that are going to wow you, but I will share some of the ways I like to keep things organized in our house.  Basically, all of our closets and drawers have baskets, bins, etc. and everything needs to be in them and NOT touching the shelves or drawers.

I'll start in the kitchen.  This is my "junk cupboard" that houses all of our stationary, office supplies, etc.

The little bins on the bottom drawer I got from The Container Store.  I didn't take a close up, but they are labeled post-its, scotch tape, batteries, sharpies, pens/pencils, and labels/index cards.  The black organizer next to them has greeting cards.  The basket on the middle shelf has candles and the blue basket on top has miscellaneous items.

This is my "junk drawer". Pretty simple, but the organizer (from Ikea) at least keeps things somewhat tidy.  I just got my Erin Condren planner, which I'm obsessed with.  Luckily I got a deal on it so I didn't have to pay full price!  This will definitely help keep me and our family organized!  And yes, I'm one of those people that uses fun colored pens in my planner :)

This little black thing has two slots.  Front is for coupons and back is for bills to pay.  It seems to work pretty good and we keep it on the counter so we don't forget about them.  This is also our iPad charging station.

In our last house, we had all of our food storage containers in a lazy susan and it was a hot mess.  I kept all the lids on the containers and just stacked them threw them in there.  It drove me crazy and I felt like I was constantly reorganizing it.  In our new house I was determined to find a better system.  All the lids are stacked in this white tub and all the containers are nicely stacked.  And it actually stays like this all the time!

On to some bathroom closets.  Isn't this the most exciting post ever?  Haha!

First is our master bathroom.  Nothing fancy, just simple white bins from Target to keep all of our extra toiletries.  Two for me and one for Tyler :)  The brown basket has medicines that we don't need often.  The middle clear container has the medicines we use more often and then the one on the right has nail polish.  The very top shelf has our cosmetic bags for traveling.

The kids closet looks pretty similar.  Towels and wash cloths on the first two shelves.  The white bin for extra toiletries, the little drawer thing (from Target) has band-aids, ointments, and the kids meds (with labels because labels are a must).

Our drawers have little containers from Target that way nothing has to touch the bottom of the drawers.  That just grosses me out.  This way I can just take the containers and wash them.  I won't show you all our drawers because I think you get the idea!

A large bin from Target for all our cleaning supplies.

Kids drawers...

My mom got a ton of these cloth bins for really cheap and I use them throughout my house.  I use them in the kids drawers to keep their socks, underwear and other little stuff separated.

I also use them in the kitchen for my baking stuff (cookie cutters, sprinkles, food coloring, etc).

Unfortunately, I haven't spent any time organizing our basement since we moved here in May.  So here are some real life pictures of what our basement looks like.  Hopefully some day I can post some "after" pictures!  My Expedit shelving unit from Ikea needs some serious help.

The toy room I don't even bother with.  This is actually pretty good compared to what it usually looks like.

There's a nice big closet in there, just needs some attention.

I really just don't like clutter and I am the opposite of a hoarder.  Tyler and I are constantly taking donation boxes because we just don't like keeping stuff when we know we don't need it.  We have two huge storage rooms downstairs that we're in the process of decluttering.

My pantry is pretty organized, but this post is getting long so I'll save that for another day.  And since my kids bedrooms are getting changed around for the new baby, I'll save those for another post too.

And now I am going back to Andrea's link up to get some new ideas!  What is your favorite organization tip?


  1. Gosh I'm LOVING all this organization- it makes me happy to! Our house definitely needs more of it though. I'm jealous of all your closet/cabinet space though. We just have no room for anything it seems- which is why we've been majorly decluttering the past couple months and will continue to do so. Once the crap is gone, we can organize the parts of our house that have been neglected ;)

  2. You would die if you saw my drawers etc lol...except my kitchen...my mom just organized those for me lol ;-)