January 29, 2015

Life lately and another Kyla video

I thought it was a good day for just a bunch of randomness.  Oh, and I apologize if my pregnancy posts seem like all I'm doing is complaining.  I have said it many times before, I am SO in grateful that I have two healthy kids and another one joining us soon.  They always say, the sicker you are, the healthier your kids are.  Who knows how true that is, but I try to remind myself of that every day.  I also try to keep it real on this blog.

We moved Kase from his crib to his twin bed on Saturday night.  We really didn't need the crib until the baby comes, but we wanted him to have time to adjust.  We figured we'll have enough going on when she's born so having that done for Kase would be good.

He was so excited when we got his new bed put together!

He's actually done very well at night.  The first night he got up twice and came out to the living room, peeked his head around the corner and started laughing at Tyler and I.  It was too cute to be mad.  But every night since then he hasn't gotten up once and slept straight through until 7 or 8.  It's nap time that is giving me headaches.  Monday afternoon I kept having to put him back in his room and the last time, in which I just gave up, I went in his room and found this...

I have no idea how he got his mattress off of there.  And off to the left, out of the picture, is his closet with everything in it thrown all over the place.  He sure had a good time in there!

Tuesday he napped for over 3 hours and didn't get up once.  I was pumped!  And then yesterday was the same as Monday, minus the destruction of his bedroom.  He just kept getting up and coming out and didn't nap at all.  I am NOT ready to give up naps for him.  He's not quite 2 1/2 and before he would sleep for 3+ hours.  When he doesn't nap, he is rolling around the floor crying for no reason by dinner time.  I feel like I need to be strict with him now and hopefully get him used to the fact that he still needs to rest.  We'll see how today goes!

We had Kyla's 4K orientation on Monday night.  It really hit Tyler and I that she is actually going to school this fall.  Granted, it will only be for 3 hours a day, but I just can't believe it.  I think she's more than ready as far as academics go, but I just hope she does ok socially.  She talks about school a lot and seems excited so hopefully by fall, everything will go smoothly.

I have to give a shout out to my brothers, who I don't really talk about much on here.  My brother, Mark started his own business in 2009 and has worked extremely hard.  My oldest brother, Matt has worked with him from basically the beginning.  Well, we can officially announce today that their business was acquired by a larger, public company!  They, along with everyone else at the company, has worked so hard for this and I am so proud of them!

Last Saturday my aunt and uncle came over to help us with some projects around the house we've been wanting to tackle.  The boys worked and the girls went shopping!  Our master bedroom door didn't latch or lock, which they were able to fix pretty easily.  I was stressing out that it'd turn into a huge project, but thankfully it didn't!  Then they were able to fix our glass shower door, which was just a nightmare to try to open and close.  Two things that probably seem small, but things that have been driving us nuts since we moved in.  I'm so thankful to have such an awesome family!

Speaking of family, my mom and step dad have been in sunny Florida for two weeks.  My mom usually comes over once a week so we have been missing her visits!  And face timing with her and the beach and awesome sunsets in the background is getting a little old :)

I have 11 months to try to convince Tyler that we should go next year!

Lastly today, here is Kyla telling us her bedtime routine every night.  She definitely likes to stick to a routine!

Lunch time and then the nap time battle.  Wish me luck!

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  1. That's great Kase is doing so good in a big boy bed! We still haven't switched the girls yet and they turned 3 last month haha! I'm nervous and need the naptime quiet...I'm afraid if we switch they won't nap. They are atill going strong with 2 hr naps! You are getting so close to the end!! I was miserable too so totally understand the complaining :)