January 13, 2015

Kyla's 4th Birthday

I haven't really had that mommy feeling where you can't believe your child is turning whatever age.  Until Kyla turned 4 on Friday.  I don't know what it is, but I just can't believe it has been four years since she came into this world.  I think it might have to do with knowing she will go to school this fall.  I'm not quite ready for that.  But regardless, let's talk about this sweet, adorable girl and how we celebrated turning the big 4!

On Friday we hung out at home, but met Tyler for lunch.  We had to do somewhere quick because he had to get back for a meeting so Kyla chose Arby's.  She loves their roast beef sandwiches!  Tyler stopped at Walmart to get her a birthday crown.  He said they only had this cheap crap, but Kyla was SO excited that he bought it for her.  I snapped these pictures on my phone and they are seriously some of my favorite pictures ever.

We got her three small gifts since we were going to the hotel and water park Saturday.  In the morning I let her open her Frozen jewelry box.  At lunch she opened her Frozen watch, which she loves!  She loves telling us what time it is and it sings Let It Go, which isn't annoying at all :)   Then that night when Tyler was home she opened up the game Hungry Hungry Hippos.  She saw it on a commercial once and really wanted it.  Her and Daddy played it Friday night and she was laughing hysterically the whole time.  Tyler might have enjoyed it just as much!

On Saturday we packed up and headed to the Dells.  We got checked in and went right to the water park.  Both her and Kase loved the water this year.  They had a ton of fun!

We got a 3-bedroom condo and shared it with Tyler's brothers and their wives.  It was perfect because it had a big living area with a full kitchen so we had everyone over for pizza.  There ended up being about 20 people there and it was a ton of fun!  My mom decorated the room and got a ninja turtle pinata and pin the tail on the donkey, which was hilarious to watch.  We are so grateful that our families spent the time and money to help us celebrate.  Kyla is a very loved little girl!

I didn't take many pictures, which I always regret, but here are a few...

So Kase got a ninja turtle movie for his 2nd birthday and a few months ago, Kyla asked to watch it.  Ever since then, she's been obsessed.  So yes, she had a ninja turtle party.  She also asked for some pink and purple balloons so it was quite the color combo!

Ninja moves

At 4 years old, Kyla is so incredibly sweet.  She has such good manners and is *usually* so nice to her brother.  She shares well with him, makes him laugh, teaches him things (she's currently helping him with a puzzle as I type this), does the piggies with his toes, and tries to make him feel better when he cries.  She calls him "my Kase man" or "my wittle brother".  I have a feeling these two will always be really close.  I hope as she grows up she continues to be so kind hearted and thoughtful.

She is also hilarious.  Tyler and I often ask each other who she got her silliness from.  She is constantly making us laugh with her funny facial expressions or crazy things she says.  She really does soak up everything she hears, good and bad.  She will say something and I will ask Tyler where did she hear that and often times he will say, "You say that all the time!"  Oops!  I will have to do another post about some of the funny things she says so I can always remember them.  One that I do remember from last week...She was messing with her pants and said, "Mom, these pants are driving me nuts!  They're giving me a butt crack!"

We don't have her 4-year checkup until February, but I think she is around 42 inches tall and 40 pounds.  She's always been in the higher percentile and I'm sure she still is.  She has outgrown most of her 5T clothes, which means I have started shopping in the big girl section.  AHHH!  She loves to wear dresses and nighties.  She will not wear pants or leggings unless we have to leave the house and as soon as we return, they are off.  She is into accessories lately, especially necklaces, sunglasses, her new watch and most recently, hats.

Every night she has the same routine and does not like to waver from it.  While Kase naps, she watches a movie on the couch and about once a week will fall asleep, but otherwise she doesn't take naps.  So she is usually more than ready for bed at night.  Daddy brushes her teeth, either flies her or carries her upside down to our bathroom to go potty, and then her and I snuggle in our bed for 5 minutes.  She calls for Daddy and he flies her to her bedroom and she usually goes right to sleep.  She always has been an awesome sleeper!  She comes in and wakes me up in the morning, usually around 7:30.

She's a pretty good eater and we can usually get her to at least try something.  She will take one bite and we tell her if she doesn't like it after one bite, she doesn't have to eat it.  But she almost always likes it!  Her favorites are spaghetti, mashed potatoes, applesauce, peanut butter sandwiches/toast/bagels, chocolate milk, and french toast.

She is very smart and loves to learn new things.  She can recognize all her letters and we are now working on the letter sounds.  She knows quite a few already.  There is an app on the iPad that will show a picture, for example a barn, and will have the "a" and the "r" already there for her.  She has to choose which letter to drag up for the beginning and end.  She does very well with it, but she's still learning.  She loves to draw and write, but isn't that into coloring an actual picture.  She likes to make "lists" like Mama with our colorful pens.  She is more than ready to go to school this fall, but I am soaking up every second I get to have her here with me.

She is just such an awesome little girl (although she gets mad when I say "little").  She can have a temper, which I blame on the red hair, but for the most part she is such a sweetheart.  We started a behavior/attitude chart with her awhile ago when she was going through a talking back stage.  It has helped so much and she gets very upset when she goes from a smiley face to a sad face, which doesn't happen often.

Kyla Pearl, I love you so much!  I can't wait to see what the next year brings for you.  I hope you continue to be your sweet, silly self.  I know you are going to be such a big helper when your little sister comes.  I hope she grows up just like you!  I'm lucky to be your Mama!


  1. Brielle is the same way about leggings...I can't wait for summer so I can stop fighting with her about bottoms! Lol

  2. Sweet post, Amy! Looks like the perfect birthday weekend for Kyla. :-)