January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014 (and some other random stuff)

First off, I'm a horrible blogger and it will likely get worse when I have the baby in a couple months.  But I do post quite a bit on Instagram (maybe a little too much sometimes).  So if you're not following me yet and want to keep up with us, you should follow along over there for more updates.  I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram so if I'm not following you yet, leave me a comment so I can.  I also kind of despise Facebook.  I have to say "kind of" because as much as I don't like it, I seem to still always be posting on there.  But if I didn't need it for my Thirty-One business, I'd most likely get rid of it altogether.  So anyway, be friends with me on Instagram if you aren't already (I'm @amykattre)!

I was also horrible at taking pictures this year for Christmas.  I was just not feeling well and really tried to enjoy every minute of the kids since they were at such a fun age this year.  Kyla was really into everything Christmas related this year.  This is so true...

We had my family over for Christmas Eve and had lots of fun.  I ended up with a migraine, but my family, especially my mom and aunt, basically did everything as far as food and clean up.  I can't thank them enough!

Christmas morning Kase slept in so Kyla opened a few presents without him (I took a couple videos, but they are STILL uploading to You Tube as I type this).  I felt a little bad, but he really didn't show any interest the night before in opening presents and I figured why wake him up and make him grumpy.  She was SO excited to see what Santa brought!  We just relaxed at home that day, which is my favorite way to spend Christmas day.

Saturday after Christmas we went to Tyler's brother's and his wife's house.  We hadn't seen his family in awhile so that was really nice.  And of course we all got spoiled by Grandma Cheryl!

We had to miss my step dad's family Christmas on the farm because I was sick.  We have one more get together tomorrow on my dad's side and then the holidays will officially be over!

Here are a few random pictures that I took with my phone.

We had so much fun making our gingerbread house!

And Kase enjoyed stealing all our cookies :)

Ruby was up to no good on Christmas Eve!

This is my cousin Kirsten, who is like a sister to me and is also Kyla's Godmother.  She currently lives in Texas so we haven't seen her since May.  Kyla was so excited to see her and she sprinted over and gave her the biggest hug when she walked in.  We will miss her as she heads back to Texas!

Snuggling with some of her favorite gifts!

It's nearly impossible to get a good picture of this boy.  But he was playing on my bed with his new trucks (and his toes).

The kids got the cutest personalized books from their Uncle Tanner and Aunt Katie.  They even have their pictures in them throughout the book.  We read them all the time!

Both kids came down with colds this week :(  All he wanted was snuggle time with Mama!

Kyla got matching jammies for her and her doll.  She thought this was "so awesome"!

This is how we spent our New Year's Eve :)
We spent New Year's Day at home watching our Badgers beat Auburn in the Outback Bowl.  What an exciting game!

I'm 28 weeks and feeling pretty crummy.  I go in Monday for my glucose test so I'm praying that comes back negative!  I'm hoping Tyler can get the baby's room (Kase's room for now) painted this weekend so we can check one thing off the list.  I'm not going crazy with decorating it, but I just can't stand white walls.

Next Friday is Kyla's birthday and she will be 4!  Wow!  We are going to spend the night at a hotel with an indoor water park next Saturday.  We can't wait!

I think that's all for now.  Thank you to anyone who still reads this little blog of mine.  It is one of my 2015 goals to keep up with it, even if it's just once a week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Happy almost 4th birthday to Kyla! How crazy! She is absolutely beautiful, Amy! Glad you had a great holiday, and that you had help when you were down and out. Happy New Year!