January 26, 2015

A Super Simple Behavior Chart

Several months ago Kyla went through a stage where she had major attitude and would talk back to us.  It got really bad and I finally realized we needed to do something about it.  And quick!  So I made this super simple chart.

I made these with the intention of gluing them all on cardboard or something and using a clothes pin to show where she was at during the day.  But she was really excited to start using it and that particular day, I wasn't feeling great so the extra steps did not happen.

We decided to just stack them and clip them on the fridge, where she could see them easily and reach them herself.  She quickly decided she didn't want the "Awesome" or "Amazing".  When she was being a good girl, she just wanted the green "Good".  Works for me!

I have to say, this was exactly what she needed.  Her attitude has gotten so much better and she absolutely loves being on "Good" and is absolutely devastated when she moves to "Warning".  Sometimes when she's on "Warning", we will tell her if she picks up her bedroom or helps me pick up the living room or something, she can go back to "Good".  If she's on "Warning" and does something naughty, she goes to "Timeout" and has to sit in the timeout corner.  She hates this and very rarely has a timeout.  I'd say like once or twice a month.  She really is a good girl.  The "naughty" things that get her card moved are usually not listening or bothering her brother/taking toys from him.

So I guess I could have gotten away with just three cards, but I'm so happy we did this.  She loves to move her cards back to "Good" all by herself.  I'm sure Kase will eventually have one too.  Kyla is such a sweet, kind little girl and loves to help me.  We are really lucky!  We are constantly praising her for all of the good things she does because they definitely outweigh the sassy moments!


  1. Great idea!!! :) So glad it has helped!

  2. The teachers in my schools love this system. I've never been a fan of it in the classroom because I feel like it's a little bit of public shaming for the kids who struggle lol...but I never thought if doing it individually at home...good idea!