January 28, 2015

32 Week Comparisons

I looked back at my blog post when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Kase and decided to post a few comparison pictures.  I really don't remember being that big with him, but apparently I was!  I even wrote that I felt gigantic and couldn't imagine growing that belly for 8 more weeks.  I'm pretty sure I've said those exact words for the last two weeks.  You can check out that post back from July 2012 HERE.  I wish I had taken more pictures with Kyla, but I was working full time and not blogging yet so it just didn't happen.

Baby #3 is on the left and Kase is on the right.




What I notice - I am carrying lower this time, which I think is normal the more babies you have.  I also think my belly is bigger now, or at least pointing out more, if that makes sense.

I'm definitely bigger all over this time.  Last time was in the middle of summer and I was out for walks with Kyla, going to the park, watering flowers, etc.  I guess that explains the slight tan in those pictures too.  Now I am pale as ever, bigger arms, bigger butt, and overall just feeling large.  I'm not too concerned about it and feel confident that I will get the weight off, but it's still not a fun feeling.  I just need to quit weighing myself!

Not too much else to report on the pregnancy front other than I am still feeling pretty crummy.  The last 3 days have been pretty miserable.  I'm not sure why.  It's hard to explain other than I just haven't felt right.  I've had a really yucky feeling in my stomach that I think has something to do with the terrible heartburn I have.  It feels like the heartburn is going all the way down into my stomach.  I have had some horrible nights of sleep, which makes the days really hard.  But baby girl is still moving like crazy so that's always a good feeling.  I go to the doctor Friday for my next check up!

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  1. So sorry you aren't feeling well! :( Sending all the good vibes I can your way! I still think you look amazing, btw! Pregnancy looks awesome on you.