January 15, 2015

30 Week Truths

I've finally hit the 30 week mark.  If you've read my pregnancy posts in the past, you know that I'm not necessarily the best pregnant woman.  You know those women that just love being pregnant?  The ones that feel so sexy?  The ones that aren't sick one day in those 9 months?  Yeah, that is NOT me.  At all.  And this third (and most likely the last), has been Hard (with a capital H)!

I'd say we are about 99% sure this is our last.  The other 1% is only because it makes me a little sad to know that this is it.  I don't want to be pregnant again, but doing something to make it official, where we can't have anymore children, is sad.  But anyway, let's get to this 30 week update.

Let's start with the positives, shall we?  I am truly embracing every day and every little punch, kick and roll.  She is an active one!  Just knowing that I am carrying our little girl and protecting her in the most amazing way possible is awesome.  I also get a kick out of the attention pregnant women get.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but it's just a feeling that you miss when you're not pregnant anymore.  Last night I went to Target and the grocery store.  I was parked quite a ways from the cart return at Target.  I was putting my last two bags into the van and a nice man came over and said he would take my cart back for me.  That kind of thing doesn't happen to me when I don't have a giant belly.  Then at the grocery store the clerk asked me when I was due.  I told her end of March and she said, "Wow, you look due any day now!"  I just had to laugh.  This is the stuff I will miss!

Although it's stressing me out a bit, I am excited to get the bedrooms situated and all the baby's stuff ready.  It's just a fun process knowing we're about to have a new little one in this house soon.

Now that the holidays and Kyla's birthday are over, I plan on hunkering down in my sweat pants and two shirts that still fit me and not go anywhere.  I am really trying to enjoy every second with Kyla and Kase.  I'm also looking forward to the every two week doctor appointments.  The once a month thing just seems to take forever.  Now that I go every two weeks everything seems to go a little faster and it's something to look forward to.

The most exciting news lately is that we decided on a name.  I ordered her Easter basket with her name on it so it's official now.  I'm really excited!

Now let's talk about the hard stuff.  Please don't get me wrong, I am SO incredibly blessed to have been able to get pregnant three times.  I do not take it for granted one bit.  But that doesn't mean I can't complain a little bit or be honest about how pregnancy really is for me.  Everyone is different, but I just don't do it well.

I have gained 29 pounds and I feel huge all over.  I gained 35-40 with the first two and was hoping to not exceed that.  But considering I have the biggest weight gaining weeks left, I might be in trouble.  I am in a lot of pain, especially in my back, lower stomach, pelvis, legs and feet.  Just going shopping last night was too much.  I could barely walk by the time I got home.  I have been getting terrible cramps in my legs.  I found out last week that I'm low in iron so I'm now on supplements, which give me terrible heartburn.  I had heartburn before, but this is crazy.  Sleeping is torture.  I have to roll over what seems like every 30 minutes because my arm and hand go numb.  I have to get up to pee at least 5 times a night.  My doctor told me I could take Tylenol PM or Benedryl to help me sleep, which I have done a few times.  The Tylenol PM makes my legs terribly restless.  I think I've taken it three times and every time I feel like I'm going to go crazy, it's just a bad feeling.  I'm also still throwing up about once a week.  Tyler has a horrible cold right now, which I am praying I do not get.

My mom took this picture the other day.  She showed it to her coworkers and they all swear I'm having twins.  I've had 5 ultrasounds so I'm confident there's only one in there, but yeah, I feel HUGE!

I can't wait to meet her!  And although I can't imagine going 10 more weeks, I hope she stays put for awhile yet!

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  1. Oh goodness lol...yeah, I am not jealous of you carrying that belly around another 10 weeks! Hehe...here's to hoping you go a week or two early ;-)