January 29, 2015

Life lately and another Kyla video

I thought it was a good day for just a bunch of randomness.  Oh, and I apologize if my pregnancy posts seem like all I'm doing is complaining.  I have said it many times before, I am SO in grateful that I have two healthy kids and another one joining us soon.  They always say, the sicker you are, the healthier your kids are.  Who knows how true that is, but I try to remind myself of that every day.  I also try to keep it real on this blog.

We moved Kase from his crib to his twin bed on Saturday night.  We really didn't need the crib until the baby comes, but we wanted him to have time to adjust.  We figured we'll have enough going on when she's born so having that done for Kase would be good.

He was so excited when we got his new bed put together!

He's actually done very well at night.  The first night he got up twice and came out to the living room, peeked his head around the corner and started laughing at Tyler and I.  It was too cute to be mad.  But every night since then he hasn't gotten up once and slept straight through until 7 or 8.  It's nap time that is giving me headaches.  Monday afternoon I kept having to put him back in his room and the last time, in which I just gave up, I went in his room and found this...

I have no idea how he got his mattress off of there.  And off to the left, out of the picture, is his closet with everything in it thrown all over the place.  He sure had a good time in there!

Tuesday he napped for over 3 hours and didn't get up once.  I was pumped!  And then yesterday was the same as Monday, minus the destruction of his bedroom.  He just kept getting up and coming out and didn't nap at all.  I am NOT ready to give up naps for him.  He's not quite 2 1/2 and before he would sleep for 3+ hours.  When he doesn't nap, he is rolling around the floor crying for no reason by dinner time.  I feel like I need to be strict with him now and hopefully get him used to the fact that he still needs to rest.  We'll see how today goes!

We had Kyla's 4K orientation on Monday night.  It really hit Tyler and I that she is actually going to school this fall.  Granted, it will only be for 3 hours a day, but I just can't believe it.  I think she's more than ready as far as academics go, but I just hope she does ok socially.  She talks about school a lot and seems excited so hopefully by fall, everything will go smoothly.

I have to give a shout out to my brothers, who I don't really talk about much on here.  My brother, Mark started his own business in 2009 and has worked extremely hard.  My oldest brother, Matt has worked with him from basically the beginning.  Well, we can officially announce today that their business was acquired by a larger, public company!  They, along with everyone else at the company, has worked so hard for this and I am so proud of them!

Last Saturday my aunt and uncle came over to help us with some projects around the house we've been wanting to tackle.  The boys worked and the girls went shopping!  Our master bedroom door didn't latch or lock, which they were able to fix pretty easily.  I was stressing out that it'd turn into a huge project, but thankfully it didn't!  Then they were able to fix our glass shower door, which was just a nightmare to try to open and close.  Two things that probably seem small, but things that have been driving us nuts since we moved in.  I'm so thankful to have such an awesome family!

Speaking of family, my mom and step dad have been in sunny Florida for two weeks.  My mom usually comes over once a week so we have been missing her visits!  And face timing with her and the beach and awesome sunsets in the background is getting a little old :)

I have 11 months to try to convince Tyler that we should go next year!

Lastly today, here is Kyla telling us her bedtime routine every night.  She definitely likes to stick to a routine!

Lunch time and then the nap time battle.  Wish me luck!

January 28, 2015

32 Week Comparisons

I looked back at my blog post when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Kase and decided to post a few comparison pictures.  I really don't remember being that big with him, but apparently I was!  I even wrote that I felt gigantic and couldn't imagine growing that belly for 8 more weeks.  I'm pretty sure I've said those exact words for the last two weeks.  You can check out that post back from July 2012 HERE.  I wish I had taken more pictures with Kyla, but I was working full time and not blogging yet so it just didn't happen.

Baby #3 is on the left and Kase is on the right.




What I notice - I am carrying lower this time, which I think is normal the more babies you have.  I also think my belly is bigger now, or at least pointing out more, if that makes sense.

I'm definitely bigger all over this time.  Last time was in the middle of summer and I was out for walks with Kyla, going to the park, watering flowers, etc.  I guess that explains the slight tan in those pictures too.  Now I am pale as ever, bigger arms, bigger butt, and overall just feeling large.  I'm not too concerned about it and feel confident that I will get the weight off, but it's still not a fun feeling.  I just need to quit weighing myself!

Not too much else to report on the pregnancy front other than I am still feeling pretty crummy.  The last 3 days have been pretty miserable.  I'm not sure why.  It's hard to explain other than I just haven't felt right.  I've had a really yucky feeling in my stomach that I think has something to do with the terrible heartburn I have.  It feels like the heartburn is going all the way down into my stomach.  I have had some horrible nights of sleep, which makes the days really hard.  But baby girl is still moving like crazy so that's always a good feeling.  I go to the doctor Friday for my next check up!

January 27, 2015

Kyla's 4th Birthday Interview

Last year I did a birthday interview with Kyla, but just wrote down her answers.  You can read that one HERE.  It was fun to look back and read her answers!

This year I decided to do a video interview.  We did it on her actual birthday, but I'm just getting around to posting it now.  Enjoy :)

January 26, 2015

A Super Simple Behavior Chart

Several months ago Kyla went through a stage where she had major attitude and would talk back to us.  It got really bad and I finally realized we needed to do something about it.  And quick!  So I made this super simple chart.

I made these with the intention of gluing them all on cardboard or something and using a clothes pin to show where she was at during the day.  But she was really excited to start using it and that particular day, I wasn't feeling great so the extra steps did not happen.

We decided to just stack them and clip them on the fridge, where she could see them easily and reach them herself.  She quickly decided she didn't want the "Awesome" or "Amazing".  When she was being a good girl, she just wanted the green "Good".  Works for me!

I have to say, this was exactly what she needed.  Her attitude has gotten so much better and she absolutely loves being on "Good" and is absolutely devastated when she moves to "Warning".  Sometimes when she's on "Warning", we will tell her if she picks up her bedroom or helps me pick up the living room or something, she can go back to "Good".  If she's on "Warning" and does something naughty, she goes to "Timeout" and has to sit in the timeout corner.  She hates this and very rarely has a timeout.  I'd say like once or twice a month.  She really is a good girl.  The "naughty" things that get her card moved are usually not listening or bothering her brother/taking toys from him.

So I guess I could have gotten away with just three cards, but I'm so happy we did this.  She loves to move her cards back to "Good" all by herself.  I'm sure Kase will eventually have one too.  Kyla is such a sweet, kind little girl and loves to help me.  We are really lucky!  We are constantly praising her for all of the good things she does because they definitely outweigh the sassy moments!

January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci today to share some of my favorite things lately!

These three are always my favorites, but I love when both kids climb up on Tyler's lap to read books or watch the iPad.

Valentine's Day Decor.  Call me a nerd, but I have always dreamed of having a fireplace so I could decorate for each holiday.  I like to keep it simple, but I just love having different colors and themes throughout the year.  I'm skipping St. Patrick's Day this year and going right to Easter since the baby is due March 27th.  No time for an extra mantle change!

Although fake, I love my pink tulips.  I'm hoping I'll get some real ones for my dining room table (ahem)! :)

Candles.  There's just something I love about having a yummy smelling candle burning.  I'd take a candle over Scentsy any day!

Kyla helped me write her thank you cards from her birthday party.  She has been working hard on writing her name.

Speaking of my favorite girl, some of the things she says just crack me up.  Last night her and Kase were watching the iPad together before bed.  Apparently Kase got a little too close to her so she said, "Kase, you don't need to sit on me.  I still love you, but can you just scoot over a little bit?"

This is from this morning, but too cute not to share!
My three favorite redheads.  Both my nieces have red hair and we love having them over for sleepovers!

I have had so many people tell me that my kids smell so good.  Like, a lot of people!  And it's all because of this, my favorite...

Date nights!  I don't remember the last time we had one, but Tyler and I are going out to eat tonight and to pick up a mattress for Kase.  He's moving to his big boy bed this weekend!  Tyler just messaged me and said he's excited for our HOT date tonight.  He called it "burgers and a bed" and "meat and a mattress".  We are so adventurous, haha!   The kids are excited to have their favorite babysitter.

Happy weekend everyone!

January 20, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday's - Organization

Yes, I realize this is going to make me sound like a huge dork.  But I love organization and I love reading about other people's organization even more.  There are some awesome blogs out there that I am obsessed with and have gotten many ideas from.  So I was really excited to see Andrea's Show & Tell Tuesday link up was all about organization today!

I don't really have any top secret tips that are going to wow you, but I will share some of the ways I like to keep things organized in our house.  Basically, all of our closets and drawers have baskets, bins, etc. and everything needs to be in them and NOT touching the shelves or drawers.

I'll start in the kitchen.  This is my "junk cupboard" that houses all of our stationary, office supplies, etc.

The little bins on the bottom drawer I got from The Container Store.  I didn't take a close up, but they are labeled post-its, scotch tape, batteries, sharpies, pens/pencils, and labels/index cards.  The black organizer next to them has greeting cards.  The basket on the middle shelf has candles and the blue basket on top has miscellaneous items.

This is my "junk drawer". Pretty simple, but the organizer (from Ikea) at least keeps things somewhat tidy.  I just got my Erin Condren planner, which I'm obsessed with.  Luckily I got a deal on it so I didn't have to pay full price!  This will definitely help keep me and our family organized!  And yes, I'm one of those people that uses fun colored pens in my planner :)

This little black thing has two slots.  Front is for coupons and back is for bills to pay.  It seems to work pretty good and we keep it on the counter so we don't forget about them.  This is also our iPad charging station.

In our last house, we had all of our food storage containers in a lazy susan and it was a hot mess.  I kept all the lids on the containers and just stacked them threw them in there.  It drove me crazy and I felt like I was constantly reorganizing it.  In our new house I was determined to find a better system.  All the lids are stacked in this white tub and all the containers are nicely stacked.  And it actually stays like this all the time!

On to some bathroom closets.  Isn't this the most exciting post ever?  Haha!

First is our master bathroom.  Nothing fancy, just simple white bins from Target to keep all of our extra toiletries.  Two for me and one for Tyler :)  The brown basket has medicines that we don't need often.  The middle clear container has the medicines we use more often and then the one on the right has nail polish.  The very top shelf has our cosmetic bags for traveling.

The kids closet looks pretty similar.  Towels and wash cloths on the first two shelves.  The white bin for extra toiletries, the little drawer thing (from Target) has band-aids, ointments, and the kids meds (with labels because labels are a must).

Our drawers have little containers from Target that way nothing has to touch the bottom of the drawers.  That just grosses me out.  This way I can just take the containers and wash them.  I won't show you all our drawers because I think you get the idea!

A large bin from Target for all our cleaning supplies.

Kids drawers...

My mom got a ton of these cloth bins for really cheap and I use them throughout my house.  I use them in the kids drawers to keep their socks, underwear and other little stuff separated.

I also use them in the kitchen for my baking stuff (cookie cutters, sprinkles, food coloring, etc).

Unfortunately, I haven't spent any time organizing our basement since we moved here in May.  So here are some real life pictures of what our basement looks like.  Hopefully some day I can post some "after" pictures!  My Expedit shelving unit from Ikea needs some serious help.

The toy room I don't even bother with.  This is actually pretty good compared to what it usually looks like.

There's a nice big closet in there, just needs some attention.

I really just don't like clutter and I am the opposite of a hoarder.  Tyler and I are constantly taking donation boxes because we just don't like keeping stuff when we know we don't need it.  We have two huge storage rooms downstairs that we're in the process of decluttering.

My pantry is pretty organized, but this post is getting long so I'll save that for another day.  And since my kids bedrooms are getting changed around for the new baby, I'll save those for another post too.

And now I am going back to Andrea's link up to get some new ideas!  What is your favorite organization tip?