December 12, 2014

Weekly Updates

I think probably one post a week is the most realistic for me right now.  The kind where I just list off a bunch of random stuff that is going on with us.  So let's get to it this week...

*We went on the Polar Express train ride last Friday night.  Tyler stayed home with Kase because we knew he'd just want to run around and be a stinker.  My parents went along with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces.  It's an hour long ride to the North Pole, Santa gets on the train to say hi to everyone, they serve you hot chocolate in fancy mugs you get to keep.  We had the best seats and had a great time!

Emma chose not to wear her matching jammies :)

Kyla refused to take off her pink gloves.

Getting her golden ticket punched!  He punched a "K" in it.

Kyla's face in this picture pretty much sums up how excited she was the entire night!

We arrived at the North Pole and the girls (and grandpa) were waving to Santa and his elves.

Kyla wasn't too sure of Santa.

*We started elf on the shelf this year and she arrived on Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  Kyla named her Ruby and she is very into her.  She wakes me up every morning to tell me what Ruby is up to or sometimes she needs help finding her.  I haven't taken a picture every day, but here are a few things Ruby has been doing.

She brought donuts her first morning.
*Kyla loves to do little crafts or projects so we made this cute Christmas tree canvas the other day.  Kase hates doing stuff like this so his hand print is only on there once, but at least it's on there :)

It makes our hallway so much more festive!
~I'm 25 weeks pregnant and still not feeling great, but trying to enjoy every moment.  She moves/kicks/rolls all day long and every ultrasound I've had they always say how crazy active she is.  I'm a little nervous about what that means for my future.  We are still deciding on a name.  We probably won't share it beforehand just because I don't really like seeing/hearing people's reactions.  We're pretty much set on one, but still looking around to make sure it's the one.

*Because Daddy and Kase were left out of the Polar Express, I thought I better post a picture of them cheering on the Packers :)

*It's been a long week and all I can say is TGIF!

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  1. The Polar Express looks SO fun! You can tell Kyla loved it! Sorry you still aren't feeling great- I'll be sending some good vibes your way. you look adorable as ever, if that helps ;)