December 18, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover

I took before pictures of our entire house when we moved in except for our master bedroom.  No idea why I didn't.  So this picture of Tyler painting is the only picture I have before the final product.

The wall he's painting was an accent wall with a light green and the rest of the walls were cream/off-white.  I wasn't a fan.

As I said in an earlier post, we splurged and bought ourselves some new bedroom furniture because a) we wanted a guest bed downstairs and b) we I wanted a king bed.  So now the room is furnished and painted, but I need some of your expert decorating advice.

I want to add a little red (like a deep red) into the room with possibly some fake flowers on the dresser, a painting or picture above the headboard, and an accent pillow on the bed.  But I can't decide what color curtains to get.  The blinds aren't the greatest color, but they're not bad enough to hassle with or spend money on.  So here's the room and then let's talk curtains...

Side notes - The blue recliner is in there so I can breastfeed in our room and not wake the kids up at night.  And the white changing table will be gone when the baby moves to her room (there will be a crib added to that corner as well).  I will be getting a new lamp.  This one was in our living room, but has been put here because Christmas decor has taken over in the living room.

Ok, so curtains.  I thought grey would be just too much grey.  I was thinking maybe white or red?  Or who has a better idea?  I'm not good at this kind of stuff, especially at making decisions.  But I'd like to get some before the baby comes so it's not so bright in there all day long when she's sleeping.  Because you are going to be a good sleeper, little one.  Right?  K, thanks!

What do you all think?  I appreciate any opinions!

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  1. Your new bedroom furniture is beautiful! It looks great, and I love the comforter! Isn't a king size bed AMAZING??? I don't know how we lived before one. :-) I am SO not a decorator, so I would say go with anyone else's advice, but my first thought was white curtains. Great job on the room, Mrs. Mommy!