December 19, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

I know, laundry rooms aren't very exciting.  In our old house, it was down in the basement where nobody saw it.  But now, it's one of the most traveled rooms in our house.  When you come in from the garage, you go through the laundry room to get to the rest of the house.  I don't know if you're all like us, but we rarely use our front door.  So I knew I needed to spruce our little laundry room up.  Here are the before pictures...

Can you see why I didn't enjoy walking in our house every day?  BORING!

Not that it's anything spectacular now, but I love it.  We started by painting it a light blue.

For some reason the light in there doesn't work (yes, we've tried replacing the bulbs).  It used to work like every 10th time we'd try it and now it hardly ever works.  So we use a lamp, which I actually love.

My main issue with this room was since we go in and out so often, there were shoes on the rug, right in front of the door.  All the time.  It drove me crazy.  And then my life changed.

This shoe cabinet is from Ikea and it seriously was made for us and this room.  It doesn't take up much room and fits perfectly against this wall.  And it fits plenty of shoes.  AND has this cute little drawer on the top.  I mean, pure perfection!

We just have a little basket in there for keys and sunglasses for now.

Mom & Dad on top (we only keep the ones we use regularly - the rest are in our master closet).

A messy kid section.  Kyla knows where to find her shoes and where to put them away and Kase will learn too.
I absolutely love it.  As much as you can love a laundry room anyway :)


  1. Seriously SO cute!!! :) I love how cozy it feels, the lamp is a fun touch!

  2. This room looks great! I love the soft lighting the lamp gives off, and that shoe organizer has been on my wish list for about five years ever since I saw it on an organizational blog I follow. Great job on this room!