December 3, 2014


THINKING - I can't wait for Tyler to get home.  He's been in North Carolina for work this week and we can't wait to see him!

WATCHING - Sheriff Callie's Wild West

EATING - Just drinking water at the moment, but some cheese and crackers are calling my name.

LISTENING TO - Kyla sing her made up songs and Kase drop a toy cup from his chair at the table, climb down and get it, climb back up, and drop it again.

READING - I hope to start reading for myself again soon, but for now I just read children's books, which I love too.

WISHING - I could get my headaches under control.  I have them every single day, pretty much all day long.  I went to my doctor yesterday for them and I really hope they subside soon!

WEARING - My black maternity sweats and a tank top (the standard lately)

LOVING - Our house decorated for Christmas (pictures coming soon - see what I'm "FEELING" to understand why it might be a couple days)

WANTING - To decide on a baby name.  It wasn't this difficult the first two times.  We decided on Kyla and Kase pretty early on and never really wavered.

NEEDING - To get the house picked up because all our new furniture is coming in less than 3 hours!

FEELING - Annoyed that I can't post pictures right now because Google cancelled my storage plan and I have to waste time fixing that.  My card expired and I forgot to go in and put the new expiration date.  What a pain!  I'll get to that one of these days.  And yes, I realize this probably takes approximately 2 minutes, but that just seems like such a hassle right now :)


  1. Bummer about your storage plan! I hear ya on taking time to fix it though... even though it may be quick, it's still a hassle that is just not high on the list or fun. Hope your week goes well with Tyler gone. Joe is gone for the week too; lucky guy is in FL for work. Why can't wives go on these trips?!

  2. Love doing these kinds of posts- I might just have to snag it and do one myself soon :) I'm excited to hear what name you come up with for baby #3!! :) BOO to google, I went through a very similar/annoying thing a couple years ago!