December 19, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

I know, laundry rooms aren't very exciting.  In our old house, it was down in the basement where nobody saw it.  But now, it's one of the most traveled rooms in our house.  When you come in from the garage, you go through the laundry room to get to the rest of the house.  I don't know if you're all like us, but we rarely use our front door.  So I knew I needed to spruce our little laundry room up.  Here are the before pictures...

Can you see why I didn't enjoy walking in our house every day?  BORING!

Not that it's anything spectacular now, but I love it.  We started by painting it a light blue.

For some reason the light in there doesn't work (yes, we've tried replacing the bulbs).  It used to work like every 10th time we'd try it and now it hardly ever works.  So we use a lamp, which I actually love.

My main issue with this room was since we go in and out so often, there were shoes on the rug, right in front of the door.  All the time.  It drove me crazy.  And then my life changed.

This shoe cabinet is from Ikea and it seriously was made for us and this room.  It doesn't take up much room and fits perfectly against this wall.  And it fits plenty of shoes.  AND has this cute little drawer on the top.  I mean, pure perfection!

We just have a little basket in there for keys and sunglasses for now.

Mom & Dad on top (we only keep the ones we use regularly - the rest are in our master closet).

A messy kid section.  Kyla knows where to find her shoes and where to put them away and Kase will learn too.
I absolutely love it.  As much as you can love a laundry room anyway :)

December 18, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover

I took before pictures of our entire house when we moved in except for our master bedroom.  No idea why I didn't.  So this picture of Tyler painting is the only picture I have before the final product.

The wall he's painting was an accent wall with a light green and the rest of the walls were cream/off-white.  I wasn't a fan.

As I said in an earlier post, we splurged and bought ourselves some new bedroom furniture because a) we wanted a guest bed downstairs and b) we I wanted a king bed.  So now the room is furnished and painted, but I need some of your expert decorating advice.

I want to add a little red (like a deep red) into the room with possibly some fake flowers on the dresser, a painting or picture above the headboard, and an accent pillow on the bed.  But I can't decide what color curtains to get.  The blinds aren't the greatest color, but they're not bad enough to hassle with or spend money on.  So here's the room and then let's talk curtains...

Side notes - The blue recliner is in there so I can breastfeed in our room and not wake the kids up at night.  And the white changing table will be gone when the baby moves to her room (there will be a crib added to that corner as well).  I will be getting a new lamp.  This one was in our living room, but has been put here because Christmas decor has taken over in the living room.

Ok, so curtains.  I thought grey would be just too much grey.  I was thinking maybe white or red?  Or who has a better idea?  I'm not good at this kind of stuff, especially at making decisions.  But I'd like to get some before the baby comes so it's not so bright in there all day long when she's sleeping.  Because you are going to be a good sleeper, little one.  Right?  K, thanks!

What do you all think?  I appreciate any opinions!

December 17, 2014

Getting Ready

Nesting?  Bored?  Excited?  Call it what you want, but I have been busy trying to get things ready for our baby girl.  I want to get all her clothes washed and put away, which is my favorite part.  I think I'll probably do it as soon as the holidays are over.

The biggest thing we're trying to figure out is the bedroom situation.  We have a five bedroom house, but three are on the main level, and two downstairs.  Obviously we're not putting a kid downstairs by themselves.  Until they're like 12 maybe :)

The plan is to have Kase and Kyla share her current room and the baby will go in Kase's room.  Kase is still in the crib so we need to transition him to a regular bed AND into Kyla's room.  So I'm just not sure on the timing of everything.  Because our bedroom is on the other side of the house from the kids', we will keep the baby in our room for the first couple months.  That way she's not waking the other two up at night and I can do feedings and diaper changes in our bedroom.  I'm nervous about this because with the other two, they were in their own rooms from day one.  But we had such a small house with all the bedrooms right next to each other.  So this will be a change for us.  Hopefully it works out ok and Tyler and I can at least get a little sleep!

Kase sleeps SO good in his crib and has only climbed out twice.  So when do we make the switch to a bed?  And then do we keep him in his room even after the baby is born?  And when we're ready to move the baby in there, we can move him to Kyla's room?  Or do we put him in with her before that to get the inevitable rough days/weeks of them sharing out of the way?

So this ended up being a post with me just thinking out loud.  I'm stressing about the transitions for Kase, but I remember having the same worry when we switched Kyla to a big bed and of course she did awesome.  And I stressed about taking his nuks away and it's like he didn't even miss them.  They always seem to do better than I expect with changes.  I have some pretty awesome kids.  Can't wait to meet baby sister!

PS - Only 8 days until Christmas!

December 12, 2014

Weekly Updates

I think probably one post a week is the most realistic for me right now.  The kind where I just list off a bunch of random stuff that is going on with us.  So let's get to it this week...

*We went on the Polar Express train ride last Friday night.  Tyler stayed home with Kase because we knew he'd just want to run around and be a stinker.  My parents went along with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces.  It's an hour long ride to the North Pole, Santa gets on the train to say hi to everyone, they serve you hot chocolate in fancy mugs you get to keep.  We had the best seats and had a great time!

Emma chose not to wear her matching jammies :)

Kyla refused to take off her pink gloves.

Getting her golden ticket punched!  He punched a "K" in it.

Kyla's face in this picture pretty much sums up how excited she was the entire night!

We arrived at the North Pole and the girls (and grandpa) were waving to Santa and his elves.

Kyla wasn't too sure of Santa.

*We started elf on the shelf this year and she arrived on Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  Kyla named her Ruby and she is very into her.  She wakes me up every morning to tell me what Ruby is up to or sometimes she needs help finding her.  I haven't taken a picture every day, but here are a few things Ruby has been doing.

She brought donuts her first morning.
*Kyla loves to do little crafts or projects so we made this cute Christmas tree canvas the other day.  Kase hates doing stuff like this so his hand print is only on there once, but at least it's on there :)

It makes our hallway so much more festive!
~I'm 25 weeks pregnant and still not feeling great, but trying to enjoy every moment.  She moves/kicks/rolls all day long and every ultrasound I've had they always say how crazy active she is.  I'm a little nervous about what that means for my future.  We are still deciding on a name.  We probably won't share it beforehand just because I don't really like seeing/hearing people's reactions.  We're pretty much set on one, but still looking around to make sure it's the one.

*Because Daddy and Kase were left out of the Polar Express, I thought I better post a picture of them cheering on the Packers :)

*It's been a long week and all I can say is TGIF!

December 3, 2014


THINKING - I can't wait for Tyler to get home.  He's been in North Carolina for work this week and we can't wait to see him!

WATCHING - Sheriff Callie's Wild West

EATING - Just drinking water at the moment, but some cheese and crackers are calling my name.

LISTENING TO - Kyla sing her made up songs and Kase drop a toy cup from his chair at the table, climb down and get it, climb back up, and drop it again.

READING - I hope to start reading for myself again soon, but for now I just read children's books, which I love too.

WISHING - I could get my headaches under control.  I have them every single day, pretty much all day long.  I went to my doctor yesterday for them and I really hope they subside soon!

WEARING - My black maternity sweats and a tank top (the standard lately)

LOVING - Our house decorated for Christmas (pictures coming soon - see what I'm "FEELING" to understand why it might be a couple days)

WANTING - To decide on a baby name.  It wasn't this difficult the first two times.  We decided on Kyla and Kase pretty early on and never really wavered.

NEEDING - To get the house picked up because all our new furniture is coming in less than 3 hours!

FEELING - Annoyed that I can't post pictures right now because Google cancelled my storage plan and I have to waste time fixing that.  My card expired and I forgot to go in and put the new expiration date.  What a pain!  I'll get to that one of these days.  And yes, I realize this probably takes approximately 2 minutes, but that just seems like such a hassle right now :)