November 5, 2014

November Goals

I am a list maker.  It's just how I work.  I can't go even on a daily trip without making a list of everything we will need.  I hate going to the grocery store without a list.  I like to make to-do lists so I feel like I am accomplishing something.  Being home all day, trying to keep up with house work, can often feel like I don't do anything.  But when I make myself a list and cross things off as I go, it makes me feel better.

So I decided to start making myself some monthly goals too.  Here is what I came up with for November...

1.  Finish Christmas shopping.  I have a pretty good start, but I really want to finish this month so I don't have to be out in December when I'm even bigger and it's even crazier.  It seems I always have to run out the day before or a couple days before Christmas each year.  Hopefully not this year!

2.  Walk more.  Since I have been so sick and miserable, I have not been exercising at all.  We have a treadmill downstairs so I really want to start walking since I have more energy.  Not only is it good for me physically, but it is some "me" time, which is good for my sanity.  I'm sure the kids will be at the top of the stairs banging on the gate wanting Mama, but with the TV and the treadmill on, I probably won't hear it.  Daddy will enjoy it, I'm sure!

3.  Write new recipes down.  Even though I wish I did it even more, I like to find new recipes to try.  I always set the iPad on the counter, do the cooking/baking, and then usually forget where I got the recipe from.  I want to go through and write down all the recipes, even ones that I have gotten from family members, down in my little recipe box.  I just prefer to have them on paper versus on the computer.

4.  Paint bedroom.  I mentioned this in yesterday's post.  We ordered a new bedroom set and new comforter set so new paint is in order.  The new furniture will be here in about 4 weeks so it will force us to get the painting done before it arrives.

5.  Do more "school" with both kids.  I put school in quotes because Kyla LOVES it and that's just what we call it.  But I don't make them do anything.  I give them activities and if they choose to do them, great.  If they'd rather do something else, fine.  But Kyla would do school all day if I could keep up with that.  Kase doesn't like to sit for too long.  He does like to color.  But I can't get him to sit down with me to read books very often.  We get about two pages in and he's off driving his tractors around the house.  I just want to do better about getting things out for them to choose to do if they want.

Kyla doing some letter hunt pages.  I got 3 pages out and she cruised through them and then said, "Mommy I want to do letter D, then letter E, then letter F..."
Alright, I think that's a good list for November.  I'll check back in at the end of the month to see how I did and make a new list for December!

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  1. I'm with you on the recipes- I need to do a better job of writing them down or at least bookmarking the ones I make! I hate when I can't remember where a recipe came from! Your kiddos are going to be so smart- I love all the 'school' you guys do :)