November 11, 2014

I Mustache You Some Questions

I've always loved these surveys where you can learn silly little things about me that you probably don't care too much about.  But I love reading others and I like filling them out.  Thanks to Bri over at School in our Slippers for tagging me so I can join in on the fun!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name: (Sorry, I could only think of 3)
  • Mommy, Mama:  I don't hear "Mom" very often yet, which is fine by me because I feel like they should only do that when they're old.  And I don't want them to be old :)
  • Wilson:  My maiden name, which some of my college friends still call me.
  • Ames:  Another one from college.

Four jobs I have had: 
  • Sandwich Artist:  Yep, I worked at Subway in high school.
  • Elementary School Teacher:  I subbed for a few years and taught one year of 3rd grade.
  • Customer Service Manager:  When I got tired of subbing and not working every day, I got a job at a start-up company and was promoted to customer service manager.  It was a fun company to work for and it paid much better than subbing.
  • Mom:  Yes, it is a job.  My 24/7 job that doesn't pay well (except in hugs and kisses), but is the best job in the entire world!

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
  • Goonies
  • Love & Basketball
  • Dumb & Dumber
  • Hardball

Four books I’d recommend: (I haven't read many books lately unfortunately - other than children's books)

Four places I have lived:
  • Darlington, WI:  My hometown and where I grew up until I left for college.
  • Whitewater, WI:  Where I went to college and lived for 5 years.
  • McFarland, WI:  Where Tyler and I moved to in 2005 when he graduated college.  We had an apartment there and I commuted to college for another year.
  • Belleville, WI:  Our current home.

Four places I have been:
  • Orlando, FL:  When I was 16 I got to go with my aunt, uncle and cousin down to Disney.  Still a road trip I will never forget!  I even delayed getting my drivers license for 3 months so I could go on the trip!
  • San Diego, CA:  While playing basketball in college, our team was in a tournament there.
  • Maui, Hawaii:  For our honeymoon
  • Italy & Greece:  We went with my uncle who takes high schoolers on a trip every year.  We were technically "chaperones" but we didn't have a lot of responsibilities.  It was a pretty sweet deal!

Four places I would rather be right now:
  • Disney World:  Kyla has been asking to go to "that Disney castle" lately and I would LOVE to be able to take her.
  • IKEA:  I love this store and can't wait to go again soon!
  • The beach:  Enough said.
  • A Salon:  A pregnancy massage and pedicure sound amazing right now!

Four things I won’t eat:
  • Seafood:  Anything in the seafood family.  I just won't do it.  No thanks!
  • Pickles:  Yuck.  You wouldn't catch me dead eating a pickle, even while pregnant!
  • Black licorice:  My grandma Eunice loved black licorice and always tried to get me to eat it.  Nasty!
  • Anything with coconut in it

Four of my favorite foods:
  • Pizza
  • Turkey & dressing sandwiches (specifically the kind my mom makes)
  • McIntosh apples:  I can't get enough of them right now!
  • Sweets:  Brownies, cake, cookies, any pretty much any kind of chocolate

Four TV shows that I watch: 
  • Big Brother:  An all time favorite!
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette:  An awful show that I just can't get enough of :)
  • Law & Order SVU:  Tyler and I have watched this together for years.
  • Pretty much any reality show (Kardashians, 19 Kids & Counting, The Voice, Survivor, Biggest Loser)

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
  • December 1st:  The day our Elf on the Shelf arrives.
  • Baking Christmas cookies:  Remember my love for sweets?
  • Christmas Eve:  My family is coming to our house this year.
  • Christmas Morning:  There's just nothing better.
Four things I’m always saying:
  • "What do you say?"  Trying to get the kids to use their manners.
  • "Leave your brother alone!"  Kyla loves to bother Kase.
  • "Love you!"  You can never say it too much!
  • "Get out of the pantry!"  Kyla would eat all day long if I let her.
Four people I tag: 
  • Erin @ Love, Fun and Football (One of my favorite sweet bloggers who is so real and down to earth)
  • Tammy @ Tammy Fantasy Land (I know you are a tad busy with a newborn and two toddlers, but I'd love to see your answers some day since we are basically living the same lives)
  • Shawna @ No Paparazzi Please (I know you're busy too with a full time job, full time photography business, two adorable girls, etc.  But I'm tagging you anyway)
  • Kathryn @ Double Trouble in Paradise (Another busy momma with twin girls and a new baby, but I love reading your blog when you do have time)

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  1. Fun! I'll do this over the weekend :) and I love coconut anything! I'm also excited for our elf to arrive