November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

One thing I miss when I'm not blogging is the link-ups.  It's a fun little community and I love finding new mommy blogs to read.  Today I'm linking up Erika for Friday Favorites.

1.  My all time favorites, these two cuties...

2.  Thursday mail.  My mom knows how much I love reality TV and celebrity gossip so she bought me a subscription to US Weekly for my birthday.  I get it every Thursday and as soon as Tyler's home and dinner is done, I enjoy a nice, peaceful bath while catching up with the ridiculousness that these magazines are.  But I love it!

Displaying 20141113_191528.jpg

3.  Matching pajamas.  I very rarely match Kyla and Kase, but I am a sucker for some matching jammies, especially around the holidays.  I ordered these from Gymboree and can't wait to get them (sorry, bad pictures)!

4.  Hot Chocolate.  I love curling up near the fireplace with a hot glass.  Marshmallows are a must!

5.  Online shopping!  I am getting close to being done with my Christmas shopping thanks to the ole' internet!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Fun bike! I'm at a loss of what to get my girls for chrismas....they need nothing and don't even ask for anything really. I did find 2 Frozen board games though and my mom got Brielle some dress up

  2. The pictures of the kids are beautiful! Who is that photographer? I want to get the kids pjs too. I am a matchy-match mom when the girls will let me, which is rare now. And, I have to tell you, I almost picked up a celebrity magazine when we were at the checkout line this morning. I never do that, but I just felt like having my mind elsewhere and reading the juicy gossip. ;)