November 21, 2014

Friday Facts

~We got our new bed.  But they failed to bring the other four pieces of furniture along with it.  Ugh, I was so frustrated!  We had taken our old stuff downstairs like two weeks ago when we found out they were going to deliver early.  So all our clothes that should be in a dresser are laying all over our closet.  We get to do that for another two weeks since they claim they can't bring our stuff next week.  We still have a nightstand, dresser/mirror, bench and media chest coming.  I can't wait to finally get our room finished!

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I love love LOVE the paint color!
~When I got the bed all made, Kyla crawled up there and said, "Mama, your new bed is huge!  I can sleep in the middle.  You can sleep on the left.  And daddy can sleep on the right."  Going from our queen to this king has been amazing!  But not amazing enough to allow a third little person in there :)

~This cute boy is a major mama's boy.  He loves snuggling with me (must be the big, comfy belly).  About 7:00 every night he hunts me down and crawls up on me.  I love it!  But I have a bad feeling he's going to be pretty mad at me in a few months when a third little one comes in the picture and takes up mama's attention.

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~Last weekend we got together with my dad's family for some Christmas bingo.  We used to do this every year when my grandma and her sister were still here with us.  It was always so much fun.  We took about 10 years off, but my cousin got it organized again and I'm so happy she did.  We all bring a dish to pass and some bingo gifts.  We just label them kid, woman, man, anyone, etc.  And as soon as you get a bingo, you go open a gift!  Kyla had a blast.  She's still talking about it!

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~This girl is so funny.  She came out of her room this morning looking like this, with her notebook in her pants.

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Camo pants today in honor of opening hunting weekend for Daddy!

~I ordered myself a few stocking stuffers, including this mug for my hot chocolate :)

~I'm feeling huge and in a lot of pain.  But besides the back, hips, and pelvis throbbing 24/7, heartburn, peeing 16 times a night and insanely itchy skin, I truly am enjoying every day.  I'm excited to meet our little girl, but I'm also soaking up every day as a family of 4.  I know things are going to really change.

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22 weeks!


  1. I've missed you this week! Your pictures aren't showing up, but maybe it's something on my end. :( Bummer about your bedroom set; hope it gets there soon. Have a great weekend, Amy.

  2. Pictures don't work for me either. Bummer about the bed!!!